System build but my mobo wont see my ODD

Hello i need advice on which ODD that i can get with my new System build , because i have Toshiba 5272 CD-RW and DV-DRW ( old drive ) and my Mobo wont reconize this ODD and i have a DVD-Rom in my eyes its more older than my thoshiba and my Mobo works fine with that, so i need to get a new ODD please can you guys point me on the right direction , cuz i dont like to go back and forward its kind pain in the neck. :) but sometimes we will have to. thanks in advance.
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  1. You just want a new DVD burner? Go to whatever site you buy from and find the cheapest SATA burner you can get. It has no effect whatsoever on the performance...
  2. thanks MadAdmiral, i got lite-on in my built works fine
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