One dvd burner not reading

my system spec is amd phenom II x4 3.2ghz, 6gb ram, 1tb hardrive for storage and a 640gb for os. 2 dvd rw burners. 950watt, 6870 vga, power supply running windows 7

my problem is that i have 2 burners one shows in bios and the other one does not. the one that shows is not burning dvds properly. so i need the other one to work. it is not showing in bios, my computers nothing. but it is getting power because if i press the eject button it comes on. i try using a different drive, changing the connector power conne3ctor and the ide connector and nothing. i went in to registry and change the upper filter and nothing. plz help. i dont know what to do now. i reformatted cuz that normally solves everything and i stilll have this problem thanks for your help in advance
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  1. It sounds like a dead burner. Did you switch the data and power cables from the "found" drive to the "unseen" drive?
  2. yeah for some reason it is like only one drive can read at a time all the burners working just only one showing as connected no matter what i do
  3. So the burner works on the other connector? If so are they on the same IDE cable? If so are the drive jumpers correctly set for master slave?
  4. the burners work with any connectors. i plug them in one by one and they were read in the bios but when two connected together only one works. as if some option is in that only one burner can work at one time or something
  5. Ide cable has two connectors and the drives have to be set correctly in master slave configuration with jumpers on the back of the drives or cable select.
  6. Are these Drives IDE or SATA? you mention IDE so i'm curious if this is the case, do you have the jumpers on "Cable Select" or might you have them both set to master or slave because if this is the situation, it would explain why you could only see one at a time.

    And your sure the BIOS is only detecting one or the other?

    If your drives are SATA, then which SATA ports are plugged in? for instance, SATA 5 and SATA 6 have DVD's on them but only SATA5 will display in the BIOS. If you switch the DVD's around, the other DVD works on SATA 5 and again nothing on SATA 6. If this is the situation, Try only one Drive plugged into each of these ports at a time and try another SATA cable to rule that out with 100% certainty.
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