Which temp monitoring software should I trust?

I'm using 3 softwares for monitoring temps: HWMonitor, Everest and PC Wizard. HWMonitor is reporting 3 values: TMPIN0, 1 and 2. I'm assuming these are the values for system, mobo and cpu temps. When I look at the temps in pc wizard, the cpu temp is 36*C. This value is on the TEMPIN0 label in HWMonitor and on the AUX label on everest. The AUX temp in PC Wizard is ~40*C. This value is TEMPIN2 in HWMonitor and CPU in Everest. The motherboard temperature is the same oon all 3(in HWMonitor as TEMPIN1). When I've unlocked the x2 555 to b55 and ran prime95, the TEMPIN1 temp got up to ~70 and for some reason the fan didn't sped up. It simply stood at 3000RPM for a minute and then it got at ~4500RPM. Can the motherboard heat up that bad? Isn't supposed the CPU to heat up if there's a defective core. Right now I've locked the 4th ore and the temps are normal. So, which one is actually the cpu temp?
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  1. When you unlock cores, it screws up the temperature monitoring I believe. In terms of accuracy I'd trust Real Temp the most.
  2. I have RealTemp as well as OCCT. Both are good, and when I compare temps. it is important to stay with one monitoring gadget.
  3. I use HWmonitor also. But I have amd overdrive too. I figure if its made by the same company as the CPU it should be reliable haha
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