Weird start-up after OC... (LGA775)

I was messing around on my older comp and OCing it. I have Asus p5k, C2D E4500 (2,2GHz) 6GB RAM DDR2 800, 560W PSU, stock cooler.
Everything was ok (I set low voltage (under 1.25) and was manually adjusting RAM to not get over 800Mhz), until I set FSB to 400 and multiplier 6x. When I restarted the computer wanted to start, but it turned off after 1 sec. Than it paused for 2 sec. and than started up normally.
I use HWmonitor and stressed comp in Orthos 64x that stresses both cores for 14 minutes or so. Everything went OK, but I thought that maybe I'm smelling something "burning" (very mildly).
So I wanted to restart and it happened again. It tries to start, went off for 2 sec and started ..well this time it didn't start but went into restart loop in about 6 second cycles so I turned it off. Tried to start the computer but just light fleshed and dead. I unplugged it from power and opened the case and window to my room (winter!!:-)).

After 2 minutes I tried again and it started, said OC failed and I went back to BIOS and changed to stock. (again I got a weird start-up). Everything looked OK after that but:

1.My case has 4 LEDs in front for cool looking (but in sleep mode they blink and annoy me). Well they don't annoy me (nor blink) in sleep mode any more hehe. When computer is on everything is ok.

2.If the computer is unplugged from the power, the first time I tried to start it it always gives me this weird start up!! Like it starting 1sec, stops 2-3sec, starts again and everything is OK. (this is not normal right?)

3. After whole night in sleep mode it wake up, but when I shut it down, LCDs went off, but computer was still running and I couldn't do nothing, but restart.

Otherwise it looks OK. Is there anything I need to worry about? I think previous time I had some startup and LEDs not working stuff problems was my PSU!(I had to press start button 2 times before the computer started-long time ago though). Or did I fried something in my MOBO?

(I'm noob, didn't know high FSB is stress for computer as well :()
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    yeah all problem 123, can caused by dying power supply in overclock condition or your OC not stable ( i don't know your 560W yours PSU ). overclock need good PSU (in theory your PSU very very enough for oc)
    you start begin oc again ... first try clear CMOS ... unplug power AC from PSU , find jumper CMOS or remove battery .. if still weird in start try other good PSU .. good luck :)
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  3. Hey Thank you.
    I just went to BIOS and loaded default settings.(I thought I already have them, but nope). didn't clear CMOS. But still unplugged PSU and now it started normally :) So I guess everything is OK.
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