Asus Motherboard CPU Voltage and VDROOP question and game crashes..

Hi :hello:, Spec's at the bottom of the page.

I seem to be having some issues with stability, and i'm wondering if VDROOP can cause these problems, since
iv'e pretty much Fresh-Installed windows twice now:

-Supreme Commander 2 - after launching, and playing a match for about 1-10 minutes: Screen freezes, sound makes that loud humming noise like a BSoD, but only the mouse still moves, screen eventually pixelates in a few seconds to a black screen blotted with brown random pixels and computer won't do anything until reset.

-DiRT 2 - After starting the game, no matter what i do (besides exiting the game) "After" launching DiRT 2, the computer will Hang, and will not respond, screen will freeze on last rendered frame, but the Audio (like game music) will play normally.

-3DMark Vantage - Hang before the end of Every benchmark

-Heaven Benchmark - Hang before the end of the benchmark or when playing around

I think all of my other games work fine, all i know is GTA 4 and Just Cause 2 haven't hung the PC after hours of gameplay, TF2 is also stable etc..

These crashes happen on All driver revisions, both card's are good, i tested them each in a Different PC with the same games.

As for CPU Voltage:

I'm a bit confused by Asus' method of changing voltages, In order to enter the voltages, i need to press "=", and type the voltage in manually, but here's the problem..

It says it's run off a multiplier of 0.125 or something and the instructions dont make much sense, and i don't know if i'm meant to type in the voltage or , for example, type in "11" to get a voltage of "1.375", because i certainly don't want to type 11 in, and obliterate my motherboard and the CPU..

AMD Phenom II X4 955BE *Stock*
GTX470 SLI *2*
Antec TPQ 1000W
Antec Twelve Hundred (Air-Cooled monster)
4GB DDR3 Patriot RAM
Windows 7 64-Bit
Nvidia's BETA Drivers 260.63

Thank's in Advance, Joy.
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  1. Anyone needs to know more - what exact OC BIOS changes are you making?

    {260.63} is the latest beta, I assume problem was prior to the drivers?

    Are you also OC the GTX 470's?

    And at least I can answer off the M4N98TD EVO MOBO since you omitted it {other post}.
  2. Both card's are stock, no overclocking done to the machine at this time (due to current instabilities), i need help on Fixing the vdroop on this board by increasing it to say.. 1.425 to "Hopefully" increase stability in programs.

    Yes, the problems have been happening prior to the 260.63 drivers.

    Edit: Yeah.. but i'm not overclocking?
  3. ^ This tells me nothing to determine "anything" ; I need to know all of the OC settings. Otherwise it's like looking at a ear to know the body.

    Also, need the BIOS version.
  4. Bios is "American Megatrends inc.", "Version 0803" dated to "06/01/2010".
    No overclock either, EVERYTHING is stock.
  5. Then leave ALL voltages at default and reset the BIOS setting - Load Default.

    What part-number is your DDR?
  6. BIOS is at Default Voltages, but i think Vdroop is causing instabilities because of how much voltage it drops (over 30mw).
    I reset the BIOS yesterday, but i still had to change fan values so my water pump didn't stop.

    RAM Part number is: PSD34G13332H.
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    ^I've seen a lot of issues with Patriot DDR, and as it turns out your {PSD34G13332H } is not listed as Tested -

    Nor is it as Certified {Memory Support List}-

    My strong recommendation is to RMA your DDR and find a DDR that is either Certified or Tested. Problem is unsupported DDR.

    I recommend {Corsair, G.SKILL, Mushkin. or Kingston}
  8. Thanks, iv'e just never seen this kind of problem before, i suspected this to be a problem but i didn't think much of it since it worked so well with my last motherboard (which also didn't have it listed).

    I like this RAM, i don't think i'll RMA it (lifetime warranty = woot!), instead i'll keep it for my old motherboard and build another computer, then i'll buy some decent RAM from corsair.
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  10. I wish I haven't seen so much of these problems. It will drive you crazy, and exhibit all sorts of odd behavior. If your {PSD34G13332H} tested OK with Patriot - trust me they'd have it listed.

    Good Luck and report back after you get new DDR.
  11. JUST ordered a Corsair 8GB DDR3 kit (4x2GB) from my local PC store!
  12. jaquith said:
    ^ I assume that you use the configuration at Corsair -


    Actually i read the M4N98TD EVO QVL list :pt1cable:
  13. Just a checking ... I didn't learn by always doing it the Right way myself. Past oooops myself!
  14. I got the new RAM, everything seems to be sweet at the moment, except when i put it in for the first time, ASUS' funny DDR slots are awkward to use.
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