Rate my build please (i7 860 etc) :-)


After 7 years it's finally time for a new box! I'm not as up-to-date with hardware knowledge as I used to, so I have to ask you guys to please look at my components and
1) check the general sanity of my selection
2) point out possible incompatibilites that I'm unaware of
3) Tell me whether the PSU is sufficient (I can find out the Amperes of the rails if you need to know)
4) And if that video card will fit into the case I selected

Oh and I want to use the rig mainly for gaming. (On a 1280x1024 CRT until I come across more money)

Intel i7 860
A-DATA DIMM 4 GB DDR3-1333 Kit (AD3U1333B2G9-2) (2x2GB)
Asus P7P55D Mainboard
Sapphire HD4870 Light-Retail (with 1GB I believe)
Western Digital WD1001FALS 1 TB Caviar Black HDD
Pioneer DVR-S18LBK DVD-RW drive
Silverstone ST50F 500W PSU
Antec Three Hundred case

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  1. first, im assuming you havent bought yet and live in america, but here are my suggestions:

    CPU:use the i5 750 if it is mainly for gaming, its just as good, but 70$ cheaper

    RAM: im no fan of a-data, and make sure its below 1.65 volts, and preferably below CL8

    GPU: get either a 5770, or a 5850 with the money you saved from the cpu

    HDD: get the samsung f3 1 tb, best hdd on the market (7200 rpm)

    CASE: get the 300 illsuion, or azza helios 910

    PSU: pretty good, could be better

    if you live in america, heres what my build would be:

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152185 (out of stock)








    final price is 967.91, and it is much better...
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