Asus xonar stx or senheiser hd 555

i was wondering should i get an asus xonar esscence stx or sennheiser headphones. i have a x-fi sound card already not sure which one but came with my asus maximus formula III mobo
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  1. The X-Fi that comes with your motherboard is just an X-Fi xtreme audio which is an ok card but the ASus xonar essence will have much better sound quality.
  2. what headphones do you already have?
  3. i have the steelseries siberia v1 which is a headset but offers very bad bass and quality when i listen to music at night (to not wake my parents up)
  4. and if i get the 555 myself my mom can get me the asus xonar dx for sure. I can choose a better card but it depends which ones u guys tell me about. im going up to an auzentech prelude maximum.
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    i think for teh best result at the end, i think itd be much better to get the sennheiser 555 first
  6. and i did not tell u my situation. my bros sound is now gone due to me putting in a radeon 5850. as u may know it happens to some pppl that put in an ati card. So i swap my x-fi over and get a headset or sound card or both but the sound card not as good.
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