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This may not be the correct place to ask these questions, but this seems to be a very active forum and lots of knowledgeable people here, so here goes.

I need to build a new computer as mine is getting out of date and has started to have a few problems. I also want to buy a new 46" 1080p TV for my living room. After reading a little about NetFlix and other streaming services I would like to connect my computer to my TV via some type of cable. Most of the new motherboards that I have been looking at that are designed for AMD processors have HDMI out built in. Can I just connect a HDMI cable about 25 foot long between my computer and the 1080p HDTV and watch anything that would be viewable on a 1080 monitor?

If I get the computer and HDTV connected with a HDMI (if that is possible) could I use the computer to play DVD movies on the computer and see them on the HDTV? Is there special software needed to play the movies. I am still back in the VHS mindset. I will hate to lose my nice collection of VHS movies that I have purchased over the years. Anyway to work movies on VHS into a newer system?

My computer and HDTV will be in two different rooms with a wall in between the two rooms. The TV and the computer will be about 20 foot apart. Will any of the wireless keyboards or mice work that far apart with a interior wall between them? That would be great as I would like to maybe play a few simple games on the large screen from my couch! Man that sure makes me sound like a slacker, oh well sometimes it is true.

Or should I just put a Network cable from the TV to one of the new BlueRay players to my network router?

This is all pretty new to me.....what should I shoot for to accomplish as much of this as possible within a limited budget?

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  1. HDMI is a marvelous interface. if you connect it to your computer, you have audio and video going through it. if you connect your computer to your tv via HDMI, then the tv will act just like a computer monitor. you can watch netflix, youtube, whatever you want on it. you can get a bluray drive for the computer and get a good tv tuner card. most new computers are powerful enough to play bluray flawlessly.

    pending on your location and budget, i can suggest different setups for you and i can show/tell you how you can put your old VHS onto your computer for instant access (and no rewind). there are a few pieces of software that are needed thought, which the most important one usually comes free with a bluray drive for a computer.

    wireless keyboard and mouse may work between walls, i don't know, i haven't tried and i don't have the supplies to test, so i can't help you there
  2. daft,

    I would like to keep my computer stuff under $850 and my HDTV under $1000. These budgets are not carved in stone. The HDTVs are dropping in price all of the time, so I don't think the $1000 budget will be hard to keep. On the other hand the computer may be hard to get everything I want under $850. The computer budget I want to include a 1080 monitor and Windows 7. These 2 things eat up about $300 of my budget, so there is not a lot left to play with. I am thinking right now of AMD because they seem to be a little lower priced than Intel processors and motherboards.

    I am not really ready to start listing parts, until I decide what I really need.


    Oh yes, I am in Florida
  3. florida, good, i can do something with that then.


    TV Tuner (just so that the computer can be used to watch tv with and lets you move VHS to your computer)

    power supply



    Hard Drive


    Disk Drive

    Windows 7 Professional

    cases (you can pick and choose)

    this is just a guide. without the case, the price came up to $831.91. which isn't to bad for what it can do. one can always go in and choose cheaper parts like only getting 2GB ram rather than the 4GB, lowering the Hard Drive capacity (though that will only yeild about $15 ish to drop down to 1TB from the 1.5TB) getting another tuner card (or just removing it) different monitor, things like that. like i said, its just a guide

    i also didn't include mouse and keyboard in case you already had them or had them chosen out already
  4. For the TV, be sure to check out the Panasonic TC-P46S1.

    This is a beautiful TV. I've seen it stocked at Walmart and my neighbor has one. I have a 50" Panasonic and it too is amazing, even at 720p.
  5. Thanks daft for taking the time to put together a list of parts. I will take a look, I am sure it is a good starting place for a build.

    Also thank Dougie for the TV recommendation!
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