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Funny Core Temp 0.99.5 readings

I am using core temp on a 955 Deneb Black edition, I have the max threshold set to 60c, and when i am gaming I will get the popup saying it will shut down my cpu because ( place random core here ) has reached the threshold, when I go to >> Tools >> System Information, I can clearly see the temps, usually around 41-44c, the highest I have ever got the CPU while playing Battlefield Bad Comp. 2 was 48c, and Modern Warfare 2, 51c, I never got any core warnings, but yet I get these random ones on WoW and like I said above, the cores ( and I look for the specific ones as well as overall ) are like at %10-15 load and are at 41c-43c on WoW, So lol... I was wondering WTH? Anyone have any ideas?
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    Try HWMonitor or realtemp
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