Is my score in 3dmark11 good? please post your scores so I can compare

MSI twin frozr III HD7850
i5 2400 with turbo on
ram average 2x4gb corsair 1600mhz cl9
1290mhz core 1375mhz memory 1.225V
1200mhz core 1375mhz memory 1.155V

the OCs seem to be stable, but in Heaven 3.0 I seem to get BSODS even If I OC higher than 1250mhz... I think this is a driver issue or something, right? If my gpu crashed at 1250 it couldn't have possibly lasted a few minutes at 1290 in 3dmark11 right?

I want to compare since when I first got the card I experienced some severe problems, very low fps in some games, constant crashes, memory crashes, bsods, black screens, freezes, stuttering in all games... etc... the problems seem to be gone with the 12.11 drivers but i still want to know how my gpu compares to similar gpus. Like other 7850, 7870s or other graphics cards.
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  1. It's great, you and 6 other people have the highest scores!
  2. amuffin said:
    It's great, you and 6 other people have the highest scores!

    Thank you! you helped me lots of time in the past as well I think.
  3. you should be able to loop heaven 5-6 times consecutively before the clock is considered stable. even if you run games smoothly, it doesn't mean the OC is stable and you will see significant degradation in the chip over time.

    my 7850 was stable for 1.5 years at 1200mhz, then it started crashing, and now is only stable at 1160. i'm sure in another 9-12 months it will only be stable at 1100mhz, so on and so forth. that's the risk we take with the OC, but having the chip stable helps the longevity some. and anything over 1250mhz on the 7850 is pushing the envelope, so be aware that within 6 months you may find similar degradation or worse. just food for thought.

    otherwise the scores look fine. i score 7800 with the 1160 OC on my 7850, however my 2500k is @ 4.3 which helps the score too.
  4. SCORE
    P12602 with AMD Radeon R9 290(1x) and Intel Core i7-3770 Processor
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