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What kind if improvement could one expect to is going from a 790gx chipset w/ ddr2 800mhz to a 890fx chipset w/ddr3 1333. I'm using a 955be @3.2 and a hd 5970 2gig
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  1. 95%+ of your gaming {FPS} is based upon GPU & CPU, so very little. The jump from 800 -> 1333 will render ~3-5 FPS.
  2. What about for mmo's
  3. Online play has a lot of variables - will it help latency duh maybe... Is that what you're asking?
  4. Not exactly. I've been trying to figure out how to boost my fps in wow during 25 mans and in dal. It seems to bog down when there's alot going on linesmen around slot of people my CPU should handle it as well as my gpu. I am running eyefinity 3 @ 5760x1080 res but it works great when I'm in 5 and 10 mans I want better performance in dal. Ice spent alot of money lol and I'm still not totally satisfied
  5. Wow auto spell sucks. I'm sure u can sipher through that jumble sorry. I'm on my iPhone and the keyboard sucks
  6. ^ post that way before on mine - ditto {iPhone}

    Other than spending a fortune on the HD 5970 in CF, try MSI Afterburner -

    At that resolution you are really pushing the stellar performance of the HD 5970. What FPS are you getting.
  7. Low 30's in dal and 40's in 25 mans. I get 90 in 10's and 120 in low populated areas. I would like to know what causes the low fps in high populated places
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