I Can not see my full HDD space...

:hello: Hey there i am having little confusion with my hard disk,
I have a disk partition of 19.5 GB windows (XP SP3 :p )

which is filled with 10 GB data but it shows only 7 GB free space :pt1cable: ,
I also de-fragmented the partition but still nothing happens,
is there any way i can use that 2GB approx. space....... :sweat:
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  1. Try running windirstat on the drive. This will show you where all the space is allocated.


    Most likely its a page file or restore point or something along those lines that is actually using the space, but win explorer doesn't directly report that.
  2. If you were to lower the page file then you would know if that is what it is.
  3. hey tomatthe thnx WinDirStat show 1.9 GB of unknown space, but i can not find any means to clean this space.........are these unknown files can be deleted or not?
  4. From a quick google, http://blog.windirstat.info/20061013/unknown-space/

    Probably some other post out there as well if you looked a bit. If you are not concerned with having previous restore points, which personally I always turn off system restore as it seems a bit useless, you could delete the restore points which should free the space.

    Info on deleting restore points.

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