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I Bought two 5770 Gigabyte graphics cards, with a Gig of RAM each to run in crossfire, but when playing Crysis with the 1.2 patch. I noticed that the top card was heating up to 100 C plus and the bottom card was hitting 80 to 90 C. What would be the best low profile card cooler I could put on them to take care of the problem? I need low profile coolers because the PCI-E slots on my motherboard are pretty close together and the standard cooler supplied only just allows enough room for the bottom card.
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  1. Get some case fans to improve airflow inside your case.
    When you run multiple cards it is important to have good airflow inside the case.

    Also while playing games crank up the Gfx card fan speed to 100%.
  2. Mate, I own a Cooler Master Cosmos S Case with enough air flow and fans to supply a building. Plus I am using MSI Afterburner to regulate the fans on my cards, which I have already set to run at 100% as soon as they hit 70 C. So the problem appears to be with the heat sink supplied. That is why I'm looking for a low profile after market cooler for each card. Thanks anyway.
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    Just read your previous post. Here is what I would do -- if you are using a threshold for when the fans run 100%, set it lower. You shouldn't let it get to 70C in the first place. When you game, run em higher, when not, lower. See what your results are if you run the fans higher from the beginning (when you start to game).
  4. Nice one mate, but at what temperature do you suggest I set afterburner to run the fans at 100% if they are idling at 42 C? I am also looking to buy a couple of Accelero L2 Pro Card Coolers to help overcome the overheat problem. I went to their site to have a look and they seem to have a low enough profile to ensure I can still install both cards to run in Crossfire and they're pretty cheap as well. Then if needed, I'll put low profile heat sinks on the cards as well.
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  6. Found the problem, after sending an email to ati support, they answered that I should look at either overclocking or underclocking the cards by 5 and the problem I was having when running them on XP, where the CPU was idling at around 40$% suggested that the Voltage Regulators on the cards were having problems. Then both cards died. Turns out that Gigabyte are selling stuffed 5770 cards. I say this because had the problem been with a single card only, then I would have said fair enough, but with both cards having the same problem, this suggests otherwise. Anyway I have used the warranty return option and am now going to upgrade to something in the 5850 range
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