Need help! newly built computer wont start

Hello everyone,
My friend recently bought a new computer so he decided to give his whole computer to me. However, I didnt like the case so I took everything apart and placed it into my own computer case. Before he gave it to me, it still worked. Everything was good.
So then I plugged everything thing in accordingly and everything seemed right. However, when I plug the power cord into the PSU and pressed my "on" button, nothing happened. I took unplugged my F-PANEL plugs from the motherboard and put them back in around 4 to 5 times thinking that I have misplaced something, however, every attempt was unsuccessful.

here are my comp specs:

500W PSU

At first, I thought that it was the PSU problem. But then when I plugged the big power cord into my PSU, an LED light on my MB lit up, so I assume that power is running through my motherboard. Everything seems fine.

I know, however, that something is wrong with my F-PANEL because normally when my computer starts up, a blue light lights up infront of the computer face, which it didnt.

Does anyone think that they can give me some help and advice?
any comment would certainly help me come to the conclusion.
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  1. Till now it all sounds like a wiring issue.. Are you absolutely sure that all the wiring and connections are done appropriately.! Make sure that all the components (motherboard, CPU, GPU etc.) have their power plugs intact.. If its all in order and still you've issues, then either the case power button has faultered or the PSU is dead..
  2. well, the case I housed the motherboard is new.

    I kinda got suspicious about the fpanel so I took my older computer case and used THAT fpanel into my newere MB.

    and that worked.

    so I took the MB out,, turns out that there was a loose wire on the fpanel for the power button.

    thanks !

    So im just going to get it refunded
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