USB front panel touching or not the case?

I have a Thermaltake all aluminium case and I wanted to fit some usb ports on the top.
I've done the drilling and the cutting and fitted the ports with superglue so that the usb ports didnt protrude out of the case.
And it worked!
After a while, I bought a new motherboard - after putting everything in place it didnt want to boot up because of a USB Over Current Status. :heink:
I've replaced the motherboard and I am asking myself (and you now!) if the fact that the outer-shell of the usb ports touched the case might have generated the problem? Is it safe to connect them again?
What do you think?
Thank you!
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  1. I wuda went this way

    I would imagine that the port casing touching the case would not be an issue.
  2. Hmm .. if only newegg will open an UK branch!
    The reason I only wanted the usb ports (and a audio jack) - are purely aesthetic - I like to keep it minimalistic.
    So no problem with the ports touching the case? :)
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    NO problem. All connectors are designed so that any points bearing power supplies and signals are isolated and prevented from accidental contact with other things. At very minimum, the exposed outside of any connector has no connection at all to the circuit. MUCH more commonly, however, the outer shells are actually connected to the GROUND side of the circuit and help to shield the signal lines inside from outside noise. And circuit Ground is almost surely connected to the chassis at some point, so it's all the same thing.
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