Having problems overclocking a GTX 550Ti

Ok I feel kind of stupid for asking this but I'm having a brainfart. I'm trying to overclock a GTX 550Ti. I'm using MSI Afterburner, Furmark and GPU-z. When I open Afterburner the only options visible for adusting is Core Voltage, Voltage percent, Core clock, and fan speed. Shouldn't I be able to adjust the CUDA cores and shader speeds too, and if so why can't I?
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  1. The core and shader speeds are linked together.

    Have you tried the BETA version?
  2. Yea both 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 (BETA) both have the same thing. It should look like this:

    Would it have something to do with XP 32bit OS?
  3. Nevermind, they must have changed it. I just realized that when I adjust the core clock the shader increases too. Here is another question though. When I overclocked it I got the core clock up to 1022 MHz but when I get to that point it says (throttling -23 Mhz) does this mean that the chip can only go up to 1 GHz? If so that doesn't make sense because I've read on numerous forums of people getting over 1 Ghz most were able to get up to 1010-1022 MHz.
  4. Well, not everybody's 550ti is the same. :P

    My 550ti can hit 1005mhz stable. (stock 981mhz)

    What are you doing for it to throttle? Furmark does that......

    Try heaven.
  5. Well of course everyone is different it's the same with CPU's after a certain point it's luck of the draw. What's confusing me that GPU-z is saying that the GPU is stable at 1022. Furmark is saying it's 999. So I don't know which one is right. Also if it is throttling down as Furmark is saying how is that going to effect my performance?

    Right now we are looking at this

    Voltages- 1.112

    Core clock- 1022

    Memory clock- stock

    Fan- stock
  6. Does it run at 1022mhz on games or heaven?
  7. Didn't try heaven but MSI Afterburner's in game OSD says it's running at 1000 MHz/2000 shader core even when set higher. So I guess it maxes out at 1000 MHz. Also I'm kind of dissapointed at the results. After all that there was practically no increase in performance not even a few FPS.
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