Swiftech MCR220-DRIVE Radiator/Reservoir/Pump Advice

Hi everyone, I found a neat little pump/reservoir/radiator combo that looks great for a planned watercooled ITX build. What are your comments regarding this particular product?

Swiftech MCR220-DRIVE Radiator with Pump

The waterloop will likely include an overclocked 3770k and an overclocked 7970 (or 670/680) or future equivalents.

Thanks, I appreciate any advice.
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  1. I've been using the Swiftech MCR-320 with a Swiftech XT waterblock on my 2500k gaming rig (which runs 100% 24/7), I'm impressed by it's performance.
    With the way it is set up with built in res and pump, it's slightly larger than the Corsair H100 but it lends itself to far greater versitility. The pump used, the MCP 350 = Laing DDC 3.1 is a rather popular pump.
    I wouldn't hesitate to buy another of the units personally.
    For the loop you're considering, I might suggest an additional 120 rad (if fitting is possible)
  2. Thanks for the reply. I intend to have this in push pull using 4 gentle typhoons and be external to the case.

    If I opted for this and another 240 Rad with 2 fans in between, would the performance be significantly better?

    Also, how loud is it? Thanks
  3. How loud is it... hehe, I replaced the stock fans with Ultra-Kaze's. Interestingly, the stock fans were much quieter, and more effective (who'd of thunk) but I measured out, re-wired, and sleeved the Kaze's so I'm not gonna waste the work... for now. Running in P/P, you may be able to get away with a single rad - I've not heard of stacking rads (I think that's what you were asking about) hmmm.
    I can't hear the pump personally but then I'm running Ultra-Kaze's full bore - I don't recall ever hearing it before the fan swap though.
  4. Yeah, so If I stack the rads, would 1 set of fans in between be enough?

    However, I may just use air cooling for the GPU as the cost is starting to get pretty high for not much more increase in performance. This would make it a cpu only loop, which is starting to make me lean to a H80.
  5. I would not suggest stacking rads as you propose since this will drastically reduce the ability of the second rad to cool, since only hot air from the first rads is sent through it. I have placed rads side by side many times without issue, I have also placed rads off the back of the case, and on top of the case. As I stated side by side rads on the side of the case, with 5” IN standoff’s between the case and the rad.
  6. Righto, I think I might just air cool the GPU. Now the question becomes:

    H80/H100 vs Swiftech MCR220-DRIVE? would there be a big difference in performance?
  7. Rad stacking isn't the best idea as it's best to get fresh, cool air to each radiator. Even though radiators and water do not get that warm, when you pass air through your first radiator and into the second, you effectively raising the ambient temp and lowering the cooling ability for the secondary radiator.

    Swiftech actually had a stacker rad set for a while, but it was deemed that it wasn't as effective as a normal dual rad setup. Just be aware that you'll see diminished performance if you run stacked rads vs. rads that aren't stacked.
  8. Thanks everyone for your advice.
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