Building new computer, 1,200 Price Range

Hey everyone, long time viewer of tom's hardware, first time needing some advice.

I'm going to build a new computer here pretty soon, I'm trying to stay with-in the price range of 1,200 or under. This is strictly the tower and it's components, monitor is separate.

I'm novice when it comes to terminology but I can figure it out if need be, so let's go onto what I normally do on the computer.

I do like to play games, the only one I mostly play is World of Warcraft, I don't play much of anything else but I do dabble in FPS (First Person Shooters) from time to time, the last computer I had could barely handle Bioshock on it's high settings, so even though I play WoW, I want something powerful enough to handle a good FPS.

Mostly also surfing the internet, and that's pretty much about it. Occasionally I'll watch a movie on there or something, but other than that, this is what I'll mostly use it for.

My taste is champagne but my budget is low end. Can you guys help me out any?

Also, some help on whether the new i5750 or i7870 is better than the i7920, I know about the hyperthreading and such ..but don't know about it, and if it's really that important to what I do day to day on the computer. Thanks ahead of time guys!
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