Swapping Optical with SSD adapter for RAID

I am wondering if anyone has yet to do this. I know you can swap out the Optical Drive in Laptops and drop in a Adapter that allows SSD or HDD drives to utilize the slot, but my question is will it allow you to use it with the SSD/HDD to run RAID? http://www.buy.com/pr/product.aspx?sku=221162196&sellerid=20485684 Any ideas? I will be willing to buy the adapter it retails for around $20.00 and I should tecnically be able to do this but what will the computer need as per say in the way of Drivers to let it know I want RAID configuration? Any Ideas out there? Dell e1705, CPU T7600 Core Duo, 64bit2.33ghz, 4gb ram, 512mb Quadro Nividia
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  1. It should work, though it would probably depend on the particular model in question, and whether or not that optical drive you're replacing is on a SATA channel connected to the mobo like the SSD/hard drive, or whether it's actually an "external" USB connection.

    And then, if the laptop's BIOS/mobo supports RAID (which I'd doubt), because if not, you'd need to use software RAID, which is just an awful idea, or buy a RAID card for your laptop, which I don't think really exist, at least in the consumer market.
  2. You would require bios support for using RAID, which seems unlikely most Dell laptops, unless you have an M6400 or 6500, which does support RAID since it has 2 disk drives.

    The first thing to do would be to go into your bios and see if you have an option for RAID under System Configuration/SATA Management -- if it lists RAID, then you could proceed.

    Also, realize that you would really not see any significant performance difference and would lose TRIM support using RAID.

    All in all, I would say that it is a good thought, but not really a good idea for practical use.
  3. Both of you guyz are right, it so sucks that it can't be done cause I am using a Intel X25 SSD 160gb on my laptop and buying another one would have been easy for me. It would have been sweet to run two of these in RAID for the laptop. My Desktop is running Three OCZ Agililties 60GB in raid and it ranks 7.9 the highest # WEI will allow. I guess someday I'll have to front the cash to upgrade to a laptop that can run RAID. Thx anyway for the info.
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