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hello everybody, im new here and i have some questions regarding a system i want to buy

so i have a couple of choices, and quite a bit of time, so first off: is it wise to buy a gamer system nowadays? or should i wait about 5-6 months and there will already be new hardware out?

now the the choices i have, one is low priced and the other one not so much, theres also a third, and i cant build a computer because i lack the know-how

so first one:
Intel 4 Core i7-920 Nehalem Bloomfield, 2.66GHz, HT, SSE4.2, MMX
8182MB (8GB) DDR3-RAM, PC-10660, 1333MHz. (4x 2048MB)
ATI R5770 (HD5770), 1024MB, HDTV-Out, 2xDVI, HDMI, GDDR5
1000GB (1x1000GB), SATA-II-300, 7200rpm/ 8.9ms/ 32MB
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64Bit
Price: about 1500$

the second one:
Intel CORE2Quad Q9400, QUAD-Core,1333MHz, 6MB Yorkfield, 2.66 GHz, VT, SpeedStep, I64bit, NX
4096MB DDR2 PC-6400, (2x2048MB), 240Pin, 800MHz.
1000GB, SATA-II, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache
ATI Radeon HD-5750, 1024MB GDDR5, TV-Out, DVI, HDMI
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Price: about 1150$ (this one comes with a 24" BenQ monitor though)

the third one:
Intel CORE2Quad Q9650, QUAD-Core,1333MHz, 12MB Yorkfield, 3.00 GHz, VT, SpeedStep, I64bit, NX
4096MB DDR2 PC2-8500, Patriot Viper (2x2048MB), 240Pin, 1066MHz.
1000GB, SATA-II, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache
ATI Radeon HD-4870, 512MB DDR5, TV-Out, DVI
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit
Price: about 1300$ (this one also comes with a monitor, 22" Samsung)

so, what do you think? should i go for one of the 3, or just wait till new stuff comes out? every opinionen is welcomed
sorry for my bad english, im from switzerland :P
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  1. 1- new stuff always comes out for a gaming PC
    2 - building a PC is not as hard as you think, plenty of youtube videos that show you step by step instructions
    3 - the price reflects the performance of the PCs listed above, the first would be your best long term option. The other will work but will start to show their age quicker.
  2. hmm,
    i think you should go for third one. there is no point waiting and keep waiting you should look up to stuff you wanna buy .the reason i would suggest you to go for third one.

    Even though 64 bit computing is future we dont find much of apps in 64 bit compared to 32 bit . moreover 32 bit codes works faster in 32 bit operating system .

    As you said your gonna get 22 inch moniter you should be going for 1 gb cards as you will be needing more video ram in that case . go for 1 gb video card.
  3. As the other have already said, if you wait now, then when new technology is out you'll find you can wait again and again and again... because theres always new stuff.

    I would go for the first build DX-11, ddr3, multithreading and a much better chance that there might be an upgrade path with it.

    Its also much wiser to go with 64 bit, otherwise you wont be able to use some of your RAM.

    But, as ct1615 said, its a much better idea to just get all the know-how from youtube vids, etc.. and then build your own desktop.
  4. More you can spend ? much better . but why not go for something cheap and best ...
  5. Hello & welcome to Toms!

    The first build you listed is the best one.
    Do select the monitor with care. With a full HD (1920X1080) you might not be able to max out on some games (Crysis, Dirt 2, Metro 2033, GTA, etc) A 1600X900 or similar would be your best bet.
    Best of Luck!
  6. Also dont' go for 8 GB RAM.
    6 GB (3 X 2 GB) is more than enough for any game.
    actually, even 4 GB will do, but 6 GB is the best bet since you can make full use of i-7's triple channel memory controller
  7. gauravtushir said:
    More you can spend ? much better . but why not go for something cheap and best ...

    Lga 775 is dead, so buying a core 2 would be a mistake if your looking to "try to" futureproof.
    IMO he should just build his own system and save a load of cash (so my advice to him would be not to buy any of those), but if hes set on buying one pre-built, then the first one would be the only one worth the cash.
  8. thats wat?
    Good system hardware= good gaming
  9. gauravtushir said:
    thats wat?
    Good system hardware= good gaming

    ? sorry but that statement makes no sense.
  10. hey guys thanks for the many comments
    i was on youtube yesterday and i found a couple of videos on how to build a system, it looks kinda easy, but something always goes wrong when im doing it :P
    so guys, i guess then i will be building a pc, but i will get me some help when i do it, i know some ppl
    so what hardware do you recommend? i dont want to overclock or anything, i want it to be good already
    6GB RAM sounds good, and i have seen a good mobo: Gigabyte P55A-UD3R
    and im also thinking about an i5, not an i7, theres one which is 4*2.66, why is the i7 which is also 4*2.66 better?
    and what ati graphic card should i get? i want to play games on dx11, so nvidia is out of the picture
    i also like to emulate ps2 games on the computer with pcsx2 and it is good, but my computer is too slow for it atm...
    so... tell me your opinions :D
  11. If you are going to use your computer just for games, then either go for an i5 for a phenom II x4 955 BE, the i7 isnt worth it.

    I would go with the AMD build because its cheaper, and thus allows you to spend more on a gpu.

    People will be able to help you more if you tell us how much you are willing to spend for a system.
  12. i guess 1600$ sounds good, i dont have to pay for the OS, i have it here, and im kinda looking to crossfire... so i have 2 ati cards in the same pc. (thats what it is right?)
    i can get this: AMD Phenom II X4 965
    or this: Intel i7 860
    or this: Intel i5 750
    for the intel ones i would get this: Gigabyte P55A-UD3R
    for the amd i would get this: Gigabyte AMD 790X
  13. Ya your right with ati its crossfire with nvidia its called sli. but you can crossfire or sli only when.
    you have same model of gpu from same company .ex:\nvidia or ati.

    i would suggest you !7 860 . well its up to you what you really want but me and my friends dont prefer amd it simply produces more heat . if your staying in cold regions then things are different. lol
  14. If your gonna crossfire then lga 1156 isnt the best of options, your better off going with an lga 1366 (that is if your going for an i7), which means i7 9xx and not the 8xx or socket AM3 if you go AMD.

    Since your from switzerland im gonna assume that heat isnt an issue, but in any ways if you buy a decent aftermarket cooler (hyper 212+ has been rated quite well) and a case with some good airflow, then you should be ok for system heat.

    Tom's hardware did a nice i7 920 build with two ATI 5850 in crossfire for around 1500 which is within your budget:,review-31838.html

    The best thing to do right now (if you can) is to wait till the end of the month, as 6-core amd cpus are coming out, which may reduce prices both on the intel and AMD side.

    As for the possible AMD motherboard, i would have maybe gone for a 890X version (more stuff, and not that much more expensive).
  15. thanks for the tipps guys,
    yes i can wait, its more like after the summer, wont do much now
    i really like the idea of the pc with 2 graphic cards for 1500$, and an i7 too
    but unfortunatly, the prices in switzerland are very high, whatever i want to do here, i have to pay alot
    but hey, ill see if i could get somebody to help me and ill definitly wait for the prices to drop, nobody should buy the newest tech because newer tech is always coming out lol
  16. hmm,
    but instead of looking for crossfire or sli its better to buy a single gpu (high end).

    crossfire or sli performance is highly dependent on latest drivers . There is no point throwing enough money on two cards instead you should go for single gpu (high end).you should look upto ati 5 series they comes cheap and have direct x11 support.
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