Overclocking Intel Core i5-3570K on Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H Motherboard


Is it possible to overclock the i5-3570K on the Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H Motherboard? If yes, what over clocking options are available?
I am planning on buying these. wanted to know if I can get the best out of it.
Will I be able to change the CPU clock multiplier?
Will I be able to change the base clock?
Or is it possible to do both?

I am assuming that overclocking memory is only available Z77 motherboard. Am I correct?
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  1. Hello yes its Possible it can overclock I have my Cpu I5 3570k went from 3.4ghz to 4.2ghz on auto Voltage :)) & I wouldnt wanna mess with the Base Clock people say that a no no but idk never messed with it!!
  2. You can overclock to the highest turbo available that your chip can hit on all four cores.

    Don't mess with the BLCK.
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