How to split windows domain into two vlans

My schoolnetwork consists of about 300 pc's and a couple of windows servers. My users need to be able to log in on every pc in the building. How should I try to split the network into two or more vlans ? I know how to make vlans on the switches, but I am not sure how to connect my domain controllers and so on. Does anyone have a good idea ?
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  1. A vLAN is used to break up a switch into different broadcast domains.

    What you'll need to do is break up your ports into different vLANS. Each vLAN will have it's own subnet. Then you setup your switch to rout between the two subnets.

    You should be able to connect to Active Directly normally if your routing is correct, then you setup your domain admin user and now you have access on all computers.
  2. I somehow mis-read your post as a school project instead of an actual school network.

    vLANs are primarily used to break up broadcast domains and also implement ACLs on routing among the vLANs to help with security.

    You may want to break up the subnets for your computers based on the logical layout of the computers relative to the building and network choke points.

    Your computer labs have a subnet mask.
    This would let you use - for East Wing
    and - for West Wing.

    All the computers in each corresponding wing would be in their own vLAN.

    Probably want your servers in their own vLAN. Setup routing between all the vLANs/subnets.

    If your network backbone is gigabit, I bet you could leave all the computers in one vLAN since broadcasts shouldn't be that bad, but it's not ideal.
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