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For my first build, I'm going to go ahead and purchase the Corsair Carbide 400R. I've heard it has a lot of space on the inside and the cable management is great. I've been watching a few reviews on it and I've noticed that it doesn't come with fans to mount where some fan slots are, so I'm going to go ahead and buy 4 140mm fans to mount in it.

My question is, and this may be an extremely stupid question, but should I have the air blowing on the motherboard or should I have the air being moved out of the case? The only reason I would want the air blowing out to of the case is because of dust issues.
What should I do? Thanks in advance guys. :)
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  1. Typically, cases are designed to have air intake at the front bottom, and side panel, and expelled out of the top and rear of the case. Also, the PSU should have the fan facing out the bottom (assuming it has a vent/mesh down there). I would recommend experimenting yourself as well, its always neat to swap them around, and seeing what happens.

    Good luck!
  2. This doesn't apply to your question but i thought i offer anyway check here if you need help to decide what fans to get
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    A good case really does not need lots of fans.
    And the 400R is a very good case.
    Fans do not cool(parts do not perspire like us).
    What you need is airflow to exhaust heated air.
    Two 120mm fans either as intake or exhaust will do the job.
    I suggest you defer the purchase of optional fans until you see if you actually have a problem.
    It is no big deal to add them later.

    A positive pressure case like the 400R will draw in fresh air through the front intakes with air filters.
    That keeps dust out of the case.
    Adding side fans or whatever will disrupt that airflow and negate the value of filters.
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  5. My 400R has 5 fans blowing air in (2 front, 2 side, 1 bottom) and 3 fans pulling air out. (2 top, 1 rear)

    All intakes are filtered. The case came with filters for the front and bottom, and I use aftermarket filters for the side fans.

    I may get some 140mm for the sides later but right now all but the top two are 120mm.

    The top fans are 140mm and the rear fan will be too, once CompUSA gets the Cougar fan I want in stock.
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