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Cooling PII 940 BE

I have an AMD PII 940 black edition and I am looking for a new cooler. I have an OCZ Vendetta right now, but during a game it hangs around 40C which is above my liking when it isnt even OCed yet. So I am looking for a new cpu cooler. My limit is about 50USD. I would prefer one that I dont need to remove my motherboard when i install it (brackets on the back of the mobo)
Thanks for any replies

p.s. because I have the black edition, I plan to do some ovrclocking
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    at 40C you should be VERY pleased.

    dont complain. that is a very good temperature.
  2. I agree, your temps seem fine.
    Just a guess but if you OC, you may see as high as 50c afterwords.
    Which still is good under load.

    The vendetta ain't to bad.
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