Phenom 965 in Elite 343 case- anything that will fit and allow OC'ing?

Hey guys,

I have just finally given in and swapped the spare X4 965 I had laying around into my Cooler Master Elite 343 case with M5A88-M mobo. I had been running an Athlon X3 455 because of cooling concerns, but I figured since the board is rated at 125w and I'm running a 550w PSU, it was senseless not to try. Right now I have a really jenky looking cooler doing the job. It's the stock Phenom cooler, with a second 92mm Arctic Cooling fan permanently attached to the top, hardwired into the same power plug. It sounds like an awful solution, but it actually kept my Athlon nice and cool, and is keeping the X4 965 cool at stock clocks. It looks like with the room a little cooler than it will be most of the day, I am maxing out around 50c during an hour of OCCT testing.

I really would like to kick the chip up to at least ~3.8ghz, since I have my other system with identical CPU stable at 4.1ghz right now. However, that one sits in a nice, open case. This one has to have a cooler that is <110mm tall, or else I can't use the side exhaust fan. At the very most, I can run one 92mm rear, one 92mm side, one single-slot PCI blower and a 120mm front intake.

Is it reasonable to think that there might be a cooler that would fit and still be efficient enough to OC with? My first idea is the Logisys Beta 400ST, as I know it's a solid compact cooler from past history. Other thoughts so far are the CM Vortex or whatever the most affordable Zalman orb-style model might be....

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  1. My old TX3 kept my overclocked X6 cool. Come to think of it, it was within 3 or 4 degrees of the 212+ I upgraded to.

    TX3 should fit.

    Hyper 212 would be a very tight fit..... if it fits.
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