Some advice please....G.Skill and Asrock mobo..

I recently built my system, and I have a couple of questions about it...I'm not up-to-date or very well-versed in messing around in BIOS's and setting up memory timings, but I have this motherboard:

Asrock M3A770DE

AMD Phenom x6 1055T 125W processor

G.Skill 2 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (9-9-9-24 @ 666 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 592 MHz) (7-7-7-19 @ 518 MHz) (6-6-6-16 @ 444 MHz)

My question, according to the snips below from CPU-Z, does it look as if the memory needs to be tweaked in the BIOS or is it running like it should?

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  1. No, your RAM is not running at posted speeds. You are running at 9-12-12-30 versus 9-9-9-24, as spec'd by your RAM. At those timings, I would say you are okay with not adjusting, specially if you aren't familiar with BIOS. You won't see much difference, if any, between the two timings.
  2. What would be just one step from what I'm at currently? With this 6-core processor, I still see some delay ..SOME..with certain things, and from what I've read, the memory I have (G.SKill) would run even cooler (or better) at a higher voltage than it is running at current stock speed in Auto mode.

    There are plenty of settings for the memory in this Asrock Bios..I just need to know which ones I should change (I have 2-80mm fans on the side of the case pulling air / acting as intake..and I can add another 80mm inside if I need to until I can get a ram cooler or bigger fan for my internals.

    If turning the ram up a bit will help on the heat generation, then I'd rather try that than to have current heat that's generated. My system isn't hot at all, the processor is running at 102F, the Mboard is at 93F, and I turned the CPU fan down to 8 (out of 10) to reduce some of the sound. I'm holding steady at 102F on the CPU.

    I'm just wanting to get what I can from the 8 gigs of DDR3 1333(PC10600) that I know is capable of running faster -- not really wanting overclock the ram, but just get to it's potential.
  3. What applications are you having issues (lag with)? It maybe more total system than RAM related.
  4. Running 64-bit Win 7...and it's just average load firefox opening initially...MS word and office apps are pretty quick..but I do notice some wait times that I think would be obsolete if the ram was running at it's potential speed...
    As I said..I just wanna get what I can from the total system.
  5. Here is what you want to do...

    1) Set your DRAM Voltage to match your specified voltage on your sticks (Page 47 of Manual)

    2) Set your Memory Clock to match your MHz [DDR3 1333 / 2 = 667 MHz] (Page 43 of Manual)

    3) Set your timings to match your specified timings [latency] on your sticks (Page 43 & 44 of Manual)
    CAS Latency (CL) (Page 43)
    TRCD (Page 43)
    TRP (Page 43)
    TRAS (Page 43)
    MA Timing (Page 44)

    Your manual for reference (if needed)...
  6. ^ Interesting observation is that G.SKILL doesn't recognize {F3-10666CL9-2GBRL} as a valid part-number, and upon Googl'ing there's a wide assortment of CAS #'s

    @jlmc1978 - How did you determine that {G.Skill 2 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (9-9-9-24 @ 666 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 592 MHz) (7-7-7-19 @ 518 MHz) (6-6-6-16 @ 444 MHz)} is correct, and perhaps most import is to verify that your DDR3 is Certified or Tested with your Asrock M3A770DE MOBO?

    Just an observation in the part 1 details...

    BTW - I "appreciate" CPUz but I occasionally find it incorrect especially with RAM recognition. {search cpuz +incorrect}
  7. Is there a correct besides CPU-Z? I used EVEREST to give me the above details though, CPU-Z was used in conjunction with Everest.

    Also, I looked at the ram directly from newegg and tech details on's the specs on my ram:

    4GB (2 x 2GB) BUT ...I have 2 sets of EIGHT GIGS of the same exact ram!!

    DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)
    Cas Latency 9
    Timing 9-9-9-24
    Voltage 1.5V
    ECC No
    Buffered/Registered Unbuffered
    Multi-channel Kit Dual Channel Kit

    Compatible with Dual Channel Intel Core i5 CPU for P55 chipset motherboard, Dual Channel Core i7 CPU for P55 chipset motherboard, and AMD AM3 Platform.

    I think everest is pretty well-known to be accurate, correct?
  8. GSKILL =
    DDR3-1333 PC3 10666 4GB(2GB x 2) / 8GB(2GB x 4) CL 9-9-9-24-2N 1.5 Volts

    Most important your Asrock M3A770DE is not listed as being supported with that DDR. GSKILL {supported}
    However, GSKILL has no Tested configurations data for your MOBO - period; meaning it's a crap shoot to eliminate "issues" and/or odd behavior.

    Link = F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL ≠ CPUz = F3-10666CL9-2GBRL

    Perhaps not what you want to see posted, but it is what it is and probably explains your concerns.

    My best practice advice is to either purchase Certified or Tested DDR with any MOBO.

    Asrock M3A770DE Certified - and your current {F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL} is not listed in either place.

    Asrock M3A770DE Certified GSKILL:
    1600 MHz
    1GB G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D-2GBHZ
    2G G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D-4GBBHZ
    2GB G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D-4GBPI
    2GB G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ
    2GB G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBECO
    1333 MHz
    1G G.SKILL F3-10600CL9D-2GBNQ SS V
    1GB G.SKILL F3-10600CL7D-2GBPI SS V
    1GB G.SKILL F3-10600CL8D-2GBHK SS V
    1GB G.SKILL F3-10600CL9D-2GBPK SS V
    2GB G.SKILL F3-10666CL9D-4GBPK DS V

    Good Luck and hope that solve the mystery.
  9. I've already got it timed properly..but the ram is qualified to run with my particular motherboard, although it may not be's supported for AM3 boards, and other ATI 770 Chipsets are supported by that G.Skill Ram, even though it may not specifically list the AsRock ATI 770 ..

    I went into the MANY timings on the Asrock board and set the timing to 9-9-9-24, and the Command Rate to 1T from 2T..and I'm running stable with CPU-Z showing this:

  10. Also, I would like to know about the FSB. My motherboard supports the FSB 2600 MHz (5.2 GT/s)....and I'm wondering where I get that from. The CPU is running the speeds posted below, but I have the IES (power saving settings) and OCTuner I can play with settings inside windows, then reboot to save them. I just need to know what I should do to hit the 2600MHz...I don't think I'm running that right now..if someone could tell me for sure by the CPU-Z display below:

  11. If you're having load time issues, any problem is more likely with your hard drive than your RAM. If you've got a couple hundred $$, a 64GB SSD will make that problem absolutely go away.
  12. I'm more interested in the data rate once it's booted. My AsRock motherboard has that Instant Boot feature, where I can be on the desktop in 3 seconds or so, so if I need the speed that quick from Off ------->Ready to navigate Win 7 64, I can always instant boot it.

    How bout that FSB where it should be...the proc and mobo both are supportive of it, I just don't know if I'm hitting it like the board says it can do. Trying to figure it all out right now and where I stand.

    Would me running a small benchmark test or scoring software help any? I can download and run something that scores / or lists my components, what they are currently doing, and what they are capable of doing..if there is such a software.
  13. ^ Set {Command Rate = 2N}

    Instant Boot {S3 mode} seems to be another acronym for a hybrid-Sleep state. An OS supported "clean read" requires ~ 1GB or 5-7 seconds on a fast SSD. Also if you H/W is not fully supported will cause unnecessary problems.
  14. By command rate, you mean on my memory timing...I should set it from 1T back up to 2T? It's running 1T right now, what's the difference in the 2 settings?

    This "Instant Boot" doesn't call for a SSD I don't believe, but I've not investigated it to the fullest and haven't implemented it yet. I'm doing a partial Instant Boot..but not fully enabled until I check and make sure my hardware is compatible
  15. This is your spec - DDR3-1333 PC3 10666 4GB(2GB x 2) / 8GB(2GB x 4) CL 9-9-9-24-2N 1.5 Volts from G.SKILL.

    RE: Instant Boot - I was contrasting the difference between you {S3 "state"} and a OS supported Clean Boot.
  16. Yeah, that's my memory...but you said Set{Command Rate =2N}...

    I'm drawing a blank on 2N...did you mean with 4 sticks of 2gb DDR3 that I should set it to 1T in the BIOS?

    Currently, I'm running (set in bios) my ram at 9-9-9-24, changed from the 9-12-12-30 that the auto-detect set for me. But I have not touched the voltage on the memory at all. I read that it runs better if voltaged at 1.6v instead of 1.5v and also works better when Oc'd..but I havent tried. I just want to hit 9-9-9-24 properly.
  17. jlmc1978 said:
    Yeah, that's my memory...but you said Set{Command Rate =2N}...

    Currently, I'm running (set in bios) my ram at 9-9-9-24, changed from the 9-12-12-30 that the auto-detect set for me. But I have not touched the voltage on the memory at all. I read that it runs better if voltaged at 1.6v instead of 1.5v and also works better when Oc'd..but I havent tried. I just want to hit 9-9-9-24 properly.

    I'm guessing no more assuming that you cannot set the correct DDR settings in the BIOS probably because of my first post "Test/Certified" with your MOBO. If it requires additional Voltage to Make it run stable my that too should tell you something.

    My preaching is done...
  18. I just said I hadn't touched the voltage and it's RIGHT NOW running 9-9-9-24 at 1T.

    You said this, not me:

    ^ Set {Command Rate = 2N}

    I simply asked what you meant by that. The command rate WAS 2T, but I set it back to 1T and it's fine. I thought I had already said that a couple of times...and to clarify


    9-12-12-30 @ 2T


    9-9-9-24 @ 1T

    Here's what I changed:
    9 ==== 9 (no change)
    12 ====9 (changed)
    12 ====9 (changed)
    30 ===24 (changed)
    2T ===1T (changed)


    I don't know what you're saying other than my memory wasn't "tested" by some technician. Spec-wise, my memory is working fine, whether or not someone else tried it and reported to G.SKILL that it worked or not...i'm saying that I'm running at the 9-9-9-24 speed RIGHT NOW, and Command Rate set to ONE-T.

    I've been running my ram at that speed since before you told me my ram wasn't "qualified" to run it....I set it probably as you were posting when I found the How-To on it.

    Its been running stable for 3-4 hours at 9-9-9-24 & 1T without the first glitch, error, hangup or otherwise peculiar behavior.
    Dunno what you were preaching about or how you missed that I've been running my ram at those timings the whole time you've been telling me that it wasn't tested...I thought we already had that established and I was trying to ask other questions.
  19. If you are still having issues with application load times, I'll stand by my earlier remark that a SSD will make more difference than fiddling with RAM timing ever will. The benchmarks I've seen only show maybe a 2%-4% difference on performance metrics based on RAM timings.
  20. I'm probably just being picky...I mean, lets take for instance my load time opening Microsoft Word 2007...This is literal since I don't have a stopwatch that does smaller than 1-second intervals....

    The literal timing of opening a CLEAN, new instance of MS Office Word 2007 -- with no prior instance running, so a fresh, clean start of the program from idle -- is this:

    Click the icon. Count to 1. I'm ready to type.

    Loading a blank, non-template page and all programs and tie-in's to MS Office 07 are located all on the same C: drive, my primary drive.

    Same time goes for everything else in Office 07.

    Click on Powerpoint 2007...count to 1, and it's ready.
    Click Access 2007, count to 1, it's ready.
    Excel, EVEN Outlook is 1 second and ready to navigate mail. And Outlook has to load previous message because it starts up with "Inbox" as my start-folder. So Outlook has to load images and email fonts, etc when it opens, but it's the same...opening a clean instance from idle of Outlook 2007 is 1 second.

    Only programs I really notice a difference in are the ones that run under *86. Office and the ones I can get in x64 run and open more smoothly, I'm guessing because they utilize the memory better than x86 applications do.

    I just can't seem to find where Mozilla has a *64-bit edition of Firefox...sure would like to find it though...I can even see a big speed difference in opening 32-bit firefox and page-load times since I tweaked the About:config in firefox and messed with the ng.initialpaint.delay or whatever. I did several things I have saved in a text file that speeds up firefox's time to load pages...along with running 64-bit windows 7 and having 8 gigs of ram on this 6-core processor....I'm probably just being nitpicky. Keep in mind I'm upgrading from a P4 3.06ghz with 1.5gb of ram, running single mode...and IDE drives instead of SATA. So everything I'm seeing is MUCH faster..and I do mean MUCH FASTER than my old P4 3.06ghz. And it was a single core rig, and built over 4 years ago. Talk about MAJOR upgrade!!
  21. jlmc1978 said:
    ^ Set {Command Rate = 2N}

    9-9-9-24 @ 1T

    Here's what I changed:
    9 ==== 9 (no change)
    12 ====9 (changed)
    12 ====9 (changed)
    30 ===24 (changed)
    2T ===1T (changed)


    2T ===1T (changed) -> change to 2N

    jlmc1978 said:
    I don't know what you're saying other than my memory wasn't "tested" by some technician.

    No it more than likely not on the list because it failed a comprehensive test. RAM Mfg give MOBO Mfg all the DDR they want - the idea is selling. You seem to know more than I do.
  22. jaquith said:
    2T ===1T (changed) -> change to 2N

    2T ===<---Yeah, I have that selection.
    1T <===== got that selection too.
    2N <===== Ths is NOT an option.

    Memory Configuration -------->Advanced Settings--------->Command Rate (CM)

    | -> Please Select: Auto-----------|
    | -------------------->1T -------------|
    | --------------------> 2T-------------|

    jaquith said:
    No it more than likely not on the list because it failed a comprehensive test. RAM Mfg give MOBO Mfg all the DDR they want - the idea is selling. You seem to know more than I do.

    Didn't say I knew more than you. You're not saying for sure that it has a conflict. To me,

    jaquith said:
    more than likely not on the list because

    means an opinion is forthcoming without any concrete or sustainable proof. Unless you can show me where a comprehensive test showed my ram to be flawed on this board, then I'd prefer to keep the build I've had running a total of 2 days out of 9 days that I've paid for the thing....the parts had to sit in my floor, useless to me, because the CoolerMaster 500W PSU blew up the processor on the first try after receiving the new AsRock board. Had to wait on Newegg to deliver all new stuff and I couldn't pinpoint the processor until I had an actual DECENT PSU to put all the new things in with the possibly burned up things...but I got it right the first try when I put the (NEW)Antec ECO v2.3 620 Cont on the (OLD)AsRock M3A770DE and the (OLD)AMD Phenom II. Right away when it failed to boot, I swapped the processor for the new AMD CPU that I had Advance RMA'd to me and it fired right the PSU blew the processor....

    Little did I know that a PSU ADVERTISING 500W wouldn't even show on the tech page it only had 360 continuous. Where most others advertised their continuous wattage, this one didn't. And 360 was hardly what I needed. Good thing Antec is a trustworthy name and I got a 620W CONTINUOUS this time...with plenty of power and ECO options too.

    IF I had a "2N" setting in the BIOS, I would've mentioned that most likely had I seen it..but since I had no clue what you were talking about that should've been your first option that it's not there...Speaking like you're as well versed as you are, you would probably have seen more than just 1 or 2 bioses and know that each one can have (OR NOT HAVE) certain things that others DO it should've maybe told you that I wasn't seeing it, hence my reason for being totally oblivious to WHY you typed 2N instead of 2T. Practical thinking.
  23. I'll probably run the AMD tests included in AMD Overdrive to make sure the system can withstand stress, but I have yet to put enough stress on it to make it BSOD, error, freeze/hang or otherwise fault because of the Ram not being "qualified". Maybe they should add my ram to the list...doesn't seem to cause me any issues at stock speed. Who knows, they may know of a conflict when it's overclocked and that could be why they didn't put in on the QVL.
  24. And after doing some pretty hard research, the ONLY difference in the boards is the northbridge/southbridge chipsets.

    You're talking about the approved ATI 785 chipset,

    and the unlisted ATi 770 Chipset. there's not a humongous difference in the two.
  25. Problem vs Solution
    I don't want to expend the time more than I've already done going in circles and debate. I identified the problem and offered a reasonable solution:
    1. CPUz - Apparently I am one of the few here that saw the and knew its error.
    2. RAM - Identified and Discovered the Unsupported DDR, and offered a solution.
    3. BIOS + RAM - I predicted correctly 2N timing would be an unavailable option.
    4. Instant Boot - I understand the H/W and fragile {S3} state.

    Therefore, do what you will and "accept" the errors of selection and its' consequences <or> Listen to my recommendations.

    Good Luck!

    /end of my responses./
  26. Good thing I don't take just one person's advice on matters like I went to the Gskill tech board and asked the GSKILL people what my options were. Along with the email, here's a quote from one person who has some advice for YOU and your advice...:

    That guy doesn't have any clue what he is talking about. There isn't any way that a motherboard manufacturer or memory manufacturer can validate EVERY single motherboard/memory combination that might exist out in the market place. However, the fact is that many types of RAM are compatible on many types of motherboards even if they aren't listed on the compatibility chart. The important this is choosing the right memory based on form factor (i.e. DDR, DDR2, DDR3) motherboard supported DRAM voltages (i.e. 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.1v etc.) and choosing the correct speed memory for your particular build.
  27. Where did you predict the 2N option too..I'd like to know..
    You told me:

    ^ Set {Command Rate = 2N}

    I don't see anything about "you probably don't have this, but try to ^ Set {Command Rate = 2N}

    You told me to do that..when I didn't have the option to do it, you come back trying to look like some sort of whiz and saying "I predicted you wouldn't have this, and I read my magic 8-ball to predict you're going to have problems.

    Word, I'm NOT having problems. I've run memtest for over an hour with NO ERRORS at 9-9-9-24, 1T and 1.53v

    I've tightened the settings to 9-8-8-22, 1T and still 1.53v, and I STILL don't have any problems.

    Why don't you predict, with your magic 8-ball, at what timing the problems will start so I can avoid those? Or just take some more words and twist them around so it appears you're predicting things, when actually you're just stating the obvious --
    that the ram isn't on a list, but you don't bother to mention what the GSKILL technician did...that there IS NO WAY for a manufacturer to test EVERY SINGLE FRIGGING COMBINATION. NONE. NO WAY.

    Thanks. you've been a great help. Instead of helping me try to set the timing, you've wasted ALL this bandwidth on the site complaining about my setup / settings and predicting some imaginary problems that you have NO CLUE will ever surface..simply because the manufacturer did not test my particular board. I take it you've tested EVERY motherboard with EVERY piece of ram and vice versa to gain your knowledge and experience? My point exactly..
  28. ^ Never said, "motherboard manufacturer or memory manufacturer can validate EVERY single motherboard/memory combination"

    I did say "My best practice advice is to either purchase Certified or Tested DDR with any MOBO. " & "Instant Boot - I understand the H/W and fragile {S3} state."

    I also said "I'm guessing no more assuming that you cannot set the correct DDR settings in the BIOS" + "Set {Command Rate = 2N}" - which why Asrock never considered the DDR as Approved/Certified/Recommended/Etc an INVALID to MOBO {BIOS} timing.

    The argument of such wasn't about if your DDR "works" it about "works BEST" especially with with your MOBO's Instant Boot {S3 mode}.

    I suggest above all other you contact Asrock. BTW - I'm send a ticket to see what they say about {unsupported/tested} RAM & Instant Boot.
  29. If i'm not using the instant boot, then it not a factor in the mix..which I'm not, so it's not. The advice I've been given by the GSKILL technical support via email and forum says that I am in no way voiding my warranty nor am I risking anything by using ram.

    Email response:

    Dear Customer

    You can set the voltage to 1.50V, or AUTO is fine as well since default is 1.50V.

    You should manually set everything, it does not affect warranty, if anything you would be more qualified.

    Simple set the memory frequency, timings, and voltage, as shown on the memory or packaging, and everything should run smoothly.

    Thank you

    I dont see where there's a big problem with my setup. I asked for help, didn't want my system condemned. I already had a bad experience with this system that started as a DIY combo from newegg, they put a 125W processor with an Asus 95W board and made me have to buy the current Asrock board. So by the time I actually GOT a computer back, I just wanted some help setting it up. Thanks.


    I must say for the largest site around for this type of thing, it's sad that GSKILL tech support got an answer to me before anyone here has. I just got their email today because they dont work weekends, but this thread has been here for 3-4 days now without a solid answer...mostly just nitpicking over my board not being tested with my ram. I'm glad I have been able to figure it out mostly on my own, or I would've had a turned-off computer all weekend and probably shipped the ram off and had to wait even longer before my wife could complete her college work online...All I asked was for answers to my questions. Not for opinions on my setup or how untested my board + ram was...just simple things I needed help with..and I've finally just started setting the memory timings on my own because I couldn't get anywhere with my question on this luckily for me I didn't burn anything up. It gets mighty frustrating when you ask a question and that question is avoided so that other things can be pointed out that you really don't need to worry with at the time. If I could've got my ram timing set, then seen if the settings caused a problem, I would've been glad to follow advice..but telling me the ram would cause a problem before I ever even attempted to time it didn't do anything for my setup.
  30. Wow that was a quick response:


    Update the bios to version 1.60
    After new bios updated. Please adjust the correct DRAM voltage per facotry recommend setting. Using RAM that is not approved or test is not advised when using the Instant Boot feature.

    {ASRock image}
    Tech Support Team"

    Take it up with them.
  31. Just like I ALREADY said..I'm not using it...and I don't have to. There. Issue avoided and I took it up with myself. Thanks.
  32. You can twist around, ignore good practice advise, change your post around, etc. I'm sorry if that's what it takes to :)

    My next email is to G.SKILL to see if your email adds up with them or not? They must be wasting their time testing RAM since it "all seems to work."
  33. I dont mind who you want to email. I'm talking with an OFFICIAL WHO WORKS FOR GSKILL.

    If you visit gskill's website, click forum and look for the administrator, then that's who I'm speaking with. Apparently he knows something, he's hired by GSKILL to resolve tech support issues. He's the same one who sent the email to me about it as well..
    So email all you want, you seem to be more worried about this than I am. I'm glad you know more than the people who make the stuff and the people who are paid technical support for the companies I've purchased hardware from.
  34. "Dear Customer

    The memory kit you have selected is standard DDR3-1333 CL9, so it will be plug and play, but it is not fully compatible with your Asrock M3A770DE. Your CPU can support higher memory frequencies, but the motherboard may be limited.
    I would suggest DDR3-1600 CL7/8 as a good point.

    The motherboard will detect 1N or 2N, the memory can support both. We state 2N because not all CPUs can support 1N.

    Thank you

    Anything else??? Essentially, G.SKILL is authorizing an exchange - your move.
  35. If they'll give me a strait-up exchange, then I'll do it (first 4gb set, receive exchanged set, then send 2nd 4gb set). If I have to spend any more than I already have, then I can't do it right now (besides shipping)...I'm strapped because this build went over budget and I dipped into savings trying to finish it because of newegg's mistakes with the motherboard and PSU problems.
  36. Trust (2) things: 1. I am on your side {trying to give you solid advice}, and 2. I "get" budgets. G.SKILL is a-typically a good and reputable company.

    Some rigs I build - it is impossible to find fully Certified or Tested RAM; e.g SR-2 building now. So I too have to post and ask advice myself, but when I find someone who seems to know I tend to listen. I have made my fair share of "oops" - no one is perfect.

    In the past ~2 weeks I have had to argue about this subject {OP + Veteran's alike} and everyone (100%) who re-posted after RMA/exchanging RAM had their problems resolved and most importantly their rigs running as they should. You've Invested a lot!

    Good Luck!

    e.g. "my style of build & advice" -
  37. Right now I am just tinkering with what I do have, since the G.Skill technician isn't on the forum yet, I called earlier but he was about to come in and I haven't called back. I just decided to mess with my fan placement and temps to see what the best solution I can get for heat is. Do you have good recommendations for heat displacement when the only option is air-cooling? I have 3 80mm fans, and 2 120mm fans in my the CPU/heatsink and the PSU fan which doesn't count...(I don't have one of those PSUs that uses a cheap high-rpm fan psu displaces its own heat and that's all --but I DO love my Antec 620ECO Continuous)

    I have a 120mm in the very front as intake, but it's in front of my sata HDD's. On the side panel, I have 1 80mm on the top grid, and a 120mm on the bottom grid. The top grid (80mm) is turned it's exhaust. The bottom grid (120mm) is turned inward, for intake -- since cool air rises. Then I have an 80mm in the very rear, beneath the PSU in that grid facing the rear of the tower. That 80mm is facing outward as well, as exhaust.

    My temps are running right around 39C/102F on the CPU, and 34C/93F on the motherboard. During my prime95 that I just did for an hour, the CPU topped at 138F and stopped rising there..and the mobo topped at around 98F to 100F and stopped. So my heat displacement, does it look OK?
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