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I've just put a rig together, I'm using a 3570k, a gigabyte z77-ds3h, 8gb vengeance RAM. I want to overclock my cpu, so I go into 3d bios and set my cpu to 4Ghz. It boots into windows so I run prime 95 and cpu-z, and my cpu frequency is only 3.4? What am I doing wrong? I've updated to the latest bios, and I'm certain everything is being saved.
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  1. With ivy and sandy bridge there is a thing called CPU boost and essentially what it means is that when you run a intense program it will boost up to those clocks for example if you were to run a game it would ramp up to 4 ghz.

    Unless you manually turn off the cpu boost and manually set voltages you won't always have 4 ghz pumped out.
  2. So what you're saying is that when you overclock you only overclock the boost speed?
  3. I've just tried it again with the turbo left on, cpu-z says it's at 4ghz i then open RealTempGT and then the cpu drops back down to 3.4ghz again.
  4. well you can turn off turbo boost and you would get a stable 4 ghz. But intel chips are shipped with a boost. Even graphic cards now are going with a boost tech.

    Intel core i5 3570 3.4 ghz stock 3.8 ghz turbo boost
  5. thats the problem - I have turned off turbo boost, and overclocked the cpu to 4ghz, the bios says it's at 4ghz but cpu-z doesn't.
  6. Hmm I'm unsure then. I wouldn't turn off boost I'm unsure the chips were mean't to work at a stable high cpu frequency. But maybe you could see if cpu throttling is on.
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