Clone OS drive to a Storage drive?

Am I able to clone a OS drive (120gb ssd) to a storage drive (500gb hdd)? I currently only have the one storage drive as I'm still using my old OS drive in the old system. I was thinking a partition on the storage drive and cloning to that partition would work but I am not sure at all yet. My biggest concern is losing the data on the storage drive once I try to clone the OS drive.

If at all sketchy tho, I'll be waiting, probably longer than I like, to buy a new storage drive (2TB) and then use my current storage drive as a clone drive. Sucks with the inflated HDD prices atm.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

*System profile is out of date now.
i5 2500k
H80 Corsair CPU COOLER
Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD
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  1. A Disk to Disk clone will overwrite the destination drive completely

    A Disk to partittion clone will overwrite only the destination partittion (not the whole drive)

    i still dont get what your trying to achieve here tho. (Unless your just doing it for backup reasons)
    the SSD is the best HDD to have your OS on.
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    If you want to back it up to the storage drive and feel it'll need the 120GB space out of the 500GB then the answer is simply, there is no need, you can just creat a compressed image of the entire SSD onto the storage drive and that ought to be like 20 to 30 GB in size.
    It'll be a complete backup and yet save you a lot of space.
    There is no point of creating another partition on the storage drive and cloning the OS drive to it.
  3. Will the compressed file allow me to clone it back to the ssd then? what program would I need to use?

    Its obvious, but I'm completely new to back up solutions.

    I don't want the whole 120gb, especially now since my storage is so limited. And Hugo, my ssd will be os, I just want to make a cloneable state after I have a few things set up on the ssd in case of drive failure as I have read that some ssd can just quit working after a period of time and I don't particularly want to do the set up again
  4. Yes, the Cloned Image will allow you to Clone itself back onto the SSD. This itself is very useful when it comes to an emergency recovery. The programs that you can use are Partition Magic, Acronis TrueImage, Norton Ghost etc etc.
    All of them come with the Bootable Recovery Program that makes the need for a bootable USB/Flopp/CD/DVD look obsolete.
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