Low Vidio Scores - Motherboard Issue?

1. My power supply went bad and is replaced.
2. Updated BIOS - Striker Extreem MB
3. Have tried 2 different vidio cards with proper drivers
4. Vidio cards rate 1 in Vista's performance program - ones a Nivida 8800gtx
5. Have 4 sticks of 1gig ram that are accounted for in Vista 64
5. I'm thinging to RMA the mother board

Do you think this is the right track?
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    Ignore that vista score it means nothing and is buggy, it rated my 5870 as a 1 every other time I update that score. Just run some games and record the FPS and compare it to others to get a view on how well its performing or underperforming.

    here is a chart of many cards and a handfull of games to help you out.,1680.html
  2. As long as the card delivers you the performance it ought to give then there's nothing to worry about vista's performance index. I don't know about Vista that much (I skipped it) but Windows 7's performance index works just fine with me.
  3. [Thanks for the chart - it's amazing how fast the graphic card world changes as 2 1/2 years ago the 8800 gtx was hot!
    I just can't get the computer to stabilize with a clean install of vista 64. I've tried with all updates and system still crashes whenever I do anything. Did have a POS fail and was thinking it fried some MB parts but no smoke or smell. The vista used to rate the Vid card at a 4 or 5.
    My original setup worked for 2 1/2 years just fine with all Bios set at auto and now 32 bit and 64 bit won't stabilize.
    Updated Bios
    Vista clean install
    Am looking to run a diagnostic tool – not sure if it will work.
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