Configuring BIOS for SSD Drive

I am working on my first new build and much to my surprise (and happiness) I got my computer to start on the first try with the CPU idling at around 34 degrees. I am not however running into trouble configuring my BIOS. In particular I have an Intel X45-V 40GB SSD hard drive for my OS and a Samsung HD103SJ 1TB hard drive. I have read that I need to set the hardldrive controller to AHCI for the Intel SSD to function properly. My questions are as folllow:

1) Will setting the controller to AHCI mode impact the operation of the other Samsung hard drive?

2) Does it matter which SATA ports on the motherboard (GIGABYTE P55A-UD4P)I connect the hard drives and CD/Drive to?

Any other tips you have would be welcomed.

I thank you in advance for any help you could offer.
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  1. You probably want the Samsung drive in AHCI, so that is fine.

    I believe that board has two SATA controllers. You should be able to set one to AHCI for the Hard Drives and one to "IDE" for the DVD. Though it may work fine on the AHCI as well.
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