CANNOT access old hard-drive documents!!!

I recently transferred my old hard rive to my new computer. The hard-drive picks up and I can access the the hard-drive until I click on documents< owner. It says access denied. I go to the security tab and all I see is "you do not have permission to view or edit this objects permission settings". How can I access my old documents?
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  1. Sign on to an account with administrative privileges, then go into the security settings and:

    1) Take ownership of the folder and all its contents, and
    2) Set the admin account to have "full control" access to the folder and all its contents

    You have to do both steps, and you have to do them in that order.
  2. Do you mean the properties of the folder? Because I cannot access that at all.
  3. You need to be signed on to an account with administrative privileges.
  4. I already am. I still cannot access the files or even change/look at permissions.
  5. I've made myself owner! I can change ownership when I go into safe mode, but I have to do this for EVERY SINGLE FOLDER! Is there a way I can claim ownership to ALL folders in stead of doing it for every individual one.
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    In the box that lets you choose what the new owner will be, there's a checkbox labelled "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects". Make sure that box is checked when you click the "OK" button to change the owner.
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