Childproof PC Case?

Can anyone recommend a good gaming case that happens to have the power and reset buttons hidden behind a door of some kind? My 14 month fried my current computer by jamming on the attractive blue-glowing power switch too many times... =[
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  1. :| wow bummer.
    Check this one out, has a door over the power/reset buttons0:
  2. Thanks, that's a little to cyborg for me. I found this poking around on Newegg:

    Crazy expensive and also out of stock though...
  3. I was going to mention some of the Lian Li cases but I see they are too expensive for you.
  4. I guess it's not as expensive as replacing a mobo, RAM, and video card (that's what happened with the exposed power button)

    Any models in particular?
  5. Actually I just found a sippy cup on top of the computer. Luckily it didn't leak, but a desktop case is starting to sound better and better...
  6. OH Boy! I am not not familiar with every case made by every manfacturer. lists over 800 cases.

    The only thing I recall for certain is there several pc cases with flip up lids for the front i/o & audio panel. From what I remember they are usually located on the top panel of tower cases. I do not know if the lids can be easily opened.
  7. Childproof PC Case?

    Unfortunately, there's no such thing.

    My Antec 900 cases have flush mounted switches on the top of the case. And they do not have any lights to attract attention.
  8. there is definitely such thing, i have one now, the door protects the power switch and it has a lock on it, only way to mess with the system is too go round the back. its a Tsunami Dream Thermal Take. its a very good case :)
  9. you can buy a cover for the power button in tescos or asda £1-£1.50
  10. I've decided to go with something that sits on top of the desk to keep it away from curious fingers (and sippy cups):

    Thanks all!
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