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I am about to purchase everything needed for the water cooling loop, but I need some help to make sure I have everything right. I am going to do everything through swiftech, so with that in mind I shall get to my question. I was just going to get a single pump with the apogee drive II, but then I got to thinking would it be smarter to have the pumps on the reservoir? How many pumps should I add to my loop? I don't know if I should put pumps on the reservoir and on the cpu block, and on the rads? Or is that way to much? Should I do a double pump setup on the res or just a single if I decide to do pumps on the rez? I am going to be using a 3570k, maximus v extreme mobo, and sli gtx 4gb 680 that I plan to overclock pretty hard. What are you guys thoughts?
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  1. Will depend on the pump you are getting if it can move all that water, but a single pump would be fine.
    Have the pump and reservoir next to each other in the loop, so then you can assure the pump doesn't run dry when you first fill the loop.
  2. MCP35x is the pump and it is integrated on the cpu block. I am going to buy the 5.25" reservoir and it has the option to add either a single, or a dual MCP35X pump attached to the unit. Do you think that I should have the pump on the reservoir or should I pump on the cpu block, or both for maximum efficiency and cooling?
  3. MCP35x is a very good pump and it shouldn't make much difference where it is in the loop. You actually don't need a reservoir at all...just pump, block and radiator (and tubing of course) and you have a loop.

    If you are adding the 680 to the loop, make sure you have accounted for the overclocked speeds and heat discharge of it and your CPU and ensure you can dissipate the heat from both with enough radiator space.
  4. I will have a 3x120 on top and a 2x120 on the bottom for rads. Will be using cm blade master fans on a 20fpi. And I'm thinking that I will be skipping the apogee II and going with the non pump hd version and instead going with the dual mcp35x2 on the res. you think that setup will provide some cool temps? I want to do the res for aesthetics on the front and ease of clearing the loop for cleaning.
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    I don't think you need dual MCP35x's, but if you want to, that's your choice. I don't think that running both pumps vs. only running 1 is going to get you any cooler temps at all, but it might net an additional 1C cooler.

    Having a reservoir mounted pump vs. having a CPU block pump combo isn't really going to make a lot of difference, either- you are using the same pump either way. If anything, it would come down to the effectiveness of the CPU block being used (Apogee Drive block vs. whatever you choose).

    Most people on the forum will tell you that a reservoir/pump combo is nice in theory, but can be a pain to bleed air from, depending on model. They also can be noisy depending on how well you isolate pump vibration.

    Single MCP35x is quite well enough to push through a CPU + 2 GPU loop, including 1-2 radiators. Adding a second will improve your flow and head pressure, but also add more heat dump from the second pump with a nominal increase of both head & flow with the possibility of negating the better flow (delta relies on flow as a variable) by adding more heat to dissipate as a result.
  6. To note also the Apogee is excluded from many cpu block tests, Mostly because of hassle, its bit more difficult to get test that reflect the real cpu temp's due to the pump and whether or not to use the pump in the test or not typically you have a test set so no constants change but the kit changes the test to give mixed results from, however this is mostly negligible in real world data, and the HD from the base block kit is made is one of the top 5 cpu blocks out there.

    I guess what i said does not really help at all.

    personally I would not use the integrated block. I would feel like the block would get to hot and the pump will degrade faster, however in the water cooling system the block never really gets to hot unless there is an issue - so basicly it come down to peace of mind for me.
  7. Well thank you on some good details :) so what your saying is that a single mcp35x will be plenty for what I have in my loop and that if I did add that second pump the results would be small in terms of performance? If I decided to not the pump integrated where would be a good spot to put it? The bottom of my case is going to be tight with the rad and psu.
  8. You aren't going to encounter any issues with the pump or water getting too hot causing pump degradation. This would only be possible if you severely crippled your system with a very poor delta and very high heat load.
  9. hem my data was biased I guess so sorry about that,

    But if you trying to save space you have option as yo said early you can add a pump to the rez or just use the Drive 2 as you wanted. there all good ideas-

    Sorry I do not see what case your using to even begin to understand how your gonna set up.
  10. Not trying to beat a dead horse here but want to be sure I got it right before I go and buy everything. One mcp35x will have plenty of pump power to provide good flows with sli oc gpu's, oc cpu, and 2 rads so there is no need to do a dual pump setup? I have heard people complain about the sound being an issue also with the integrated so I might buy the pump by itself. Basically my final question before I pull the trigger is that the single pump is better than the dual pump for my setup? This is my first wc loop and I don't want to have regrets that's why I keep wanting to buy the dual to put my mind at ease, but if you are saying it is pointless your opinion will sway me otherwise. Thanks again!
  11. I went to wc to see low temps so I want to be sure that I don't skimp out
  12. Quote:
    One mcp35x will have plenty of pump power to provide good flows with sli oc gpu's, oc cpu, and 2 rads so there is no need to do a dual pump setup?

    Should be just fine, it will pump through that easily.

    I have heard people complain about the sound being an issue also with the integrated so I might buy the pump by itself.

    Mostly that has to do with how the pump and reservoir create vibration when mounted in the case. Both pumps should be very quiet separately, or even in a dual top config. In a pump/res combo, you might hear more noise, but that is mainly from the mount of the res in the 5.25 bays. If you can isolate this vibration, you should be ok.

    Basically my final question before I pull the trigger is that the single pump is better than the dual pump for my setup?

    Dual pumps are almost always better than a single pump, even if it's for failover reasons. You'll have higher flow and head pressure with each additional pump, but like I mentioned, it can be an issue of diminishing returns. If you expand your loop to add more components, having an extra pump definitely helps the added restriction, but it just depends on your future plans.

    Based on the loop you have outlined, a single MCP35x is a fine choice; having 2 is better, but twice as expensive with little cooling improvement for this loop design. You might also look at the pump(s) with a top or small top/res. Any DDC pump top or reservoir will also fit the MCP35x since they share the same DDC housing.
  13. Okay awesome that solves that, but I forgot to ask if I should stick with my 2 rad setup with a 3x120 top & 2x120 bottom (no push/pull) or would it be smarter to drop the bottom rad 2x120 and just use the 3x120mm top with a push pull?
  14. I am fairly sure that 2 rads with 1 set of fans will always beat 1 rad with push&pull of similar size and speed.
  15. That's what I was thinking, but I want some clarification on that so that I don't just throw away money where it is not necessarily needed. Rather put the cash toward my triple monitor setup.
  16. More radiator space will beat less radiator space where the rads being compared are the same models. Different rad makes/models do perform differently and adding push/pull vs. just push or just pull also makes a decent improvement.
  17. Okay makes sense. Thank you for all of the help rubix it has helped a ton! I decided that I am going to go with the maelstorm standalone reservoir, the mcp35x pump (not integrated), the 2 radiators 20fpi from swiftech performance series, and the hd series cpu block. How does this setup sound rubix?




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  19. Just a note, Swiftech MCR rads aren't the best out there...they are pretty average by comparison to most other rads these days. They are an older design and Swiftech hasn't updated them in several years (unless there's a new line out I don't know about). They will perform just fine, but you might look around and compare performance and prices.
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