Want to overclock my CPU

hi guys
I will over clock my CPU
it's AMD atholn 64 7750 2.7 ghz dual core CPU
but just wanted to ask is these settings are safe ?
my mother board manufacturer is :biostar group
my mother board system model is:N61PB-M2S
my BIOS : phionex award workstationBIOS v6.00PG
can any one tell me what will the heat increase after that
my heat in idle is 37 degree while playing is about 60 max

and I have a 4500RPM heatsink
and BTW my CPU is not BE

please fast answer
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  1. you can expect a big heat increase, considering you're already at 60 Celsius at heavy load i don't think you will go very far, those setting on the video seems safe aside from the memory voltage, 2.49v for memory seems too much for me, as they usually are 1.5 1.6 and overclocking memory is not really worth, risk of burning the hardware and almost no benefits at all.
    Of course could just be that his memory has a high default voltage.
  2. sorry for late answer
    is it safe If I make the other settings except the memory voltage ? I can leave it alone
    but is it safe and no there's no danger on my CPU ? I don't want to risk it
    I have to money to buy another one but I need a bit of performance boost
  3. Well the biggest boost you can get out of a cpu is indeed replacing it for a faster one, better than any overclock, but an overclock can give you a 10% to 30% increase in performance.
    Yes the settings seem safe, for AMD processors a voltage of 1.55 is standard for overclocking, some even go up to 1.6 but i wouldn't recommend it unless you have a watercooler.
    If the overclock seem unstable you can try to increase the voltage of the memory as well if you plan on overclocking your memory, but i wouldn't advice you to since the performance boost is usually around 1% to 2% and is not worth the risk you put your memory in.
    As for the clock of the cpu is also safe, clock is always safe, all that can happens is the pc not being able to boot due to the high clock being too unstable and you needing to reset your motherboard bios. Remember, overclocking damage is caused by high temperature (75C or higher) and the electricity you put into it i.e. the voltage.
  4. aha I won't try to edit the memory I'll try and see and if there's a problem will just reset it that won't be danger right ?

    I attend to buy a 2800RPM ferion heatsink is this better than 4500RPM normal fan ?
  5. and is CPU voltage on 1.550v danger ? cause I'll change to it and leave the memory for it self
  6. Like i said the 1.55v is fine, the best solutions for cooling your cpu are watercooler followed by big air coolers like my old thermaltake ultra 120 extreme, the actual fan there doesn't make much of a difference besides the amount of noise your pc will make, if that bothers you i suggest going with a silent fan that can usually be a bit more expensive.
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