ATI Radeon 5970...a few questions...


I'm not necessarily looking to purchase a 5970, but am a bit curious about the card itself. I've certainly considered the purchase, but the price is way out of my range for now. I'm just curious about how long a card like this will last, technology wise? Do dual GPU cards generally survive a generation or two? Are they even worth considering for a future proof system?

I read an article that mentioned that drivers were holding this card back. Is this still the case?
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  1. 5970 will be a good card for the next 2-3 years(for ex 8800)
    and you can always add 1 more if you want
  2. How long cards last depends on what happens on the games front. If games start to actually move forward in complexity which hasn't really happened since the consoles were released then it will not last as long as if the games do not progress that much.
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