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When i was formatting one of my laptops, i forgot that my external hard drive is still plugged to the system so as i was trying to format, i mistakely deleted my external hard drive patition ever since then i have not being able to access all the files in my external drive. I letter came acroos a software called active@ partition recovery. i bought it and used superscan to scan my external hard drive yet it could not solve the problem instead its showing me this message; "unable to read sectors on a device". please help if you have a solution to it.
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  1. Well the problem here seems to be the fact that you deleted the partition which for all intents and purposes basically deletes all the information on the drive. I would suggest using a data recovery tool rather than a partition recovery tool. You could try Recuva or another data recovery tool as long as you have not rewritten any information to those drives.
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    This is a free software program for data recovery so you could try this.
  3. 1. First all, thanks y'all for all your contributions. but i waited for solution but it come on time and there was no way i could access my drive without formatting it, so i have formatted it now but all my files are gone. I remove the external drive from the jacket and fix in my laptop as internal hard disk. my computer can now see it as external hard disk only that all i can see now are windows files. Please can i still recover my files they are very important and they worth thousands of dollars thanks.

    2. My second hard disk is no longer opening. When i plugged to my PC, my computer will identify that a disk has been plugged but it will not specify it and if i go to my computer i will not see it. But when i go to disk management; then i will receive a message like this;
    disk 1
    Not initialized.
    then I'll right click and select initialize, I'll receive "Incorrect function"
    the size of the disk is 320 GB.

    Please help if you have the solution.
    Once again i thank Inzone and Rwgwiccan for the contributions.
    you guys are the best. thanks
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  5. You can still try to recover the files even though you have formated the drive , just use the software that is in the link that I had provided.
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