Geforce GTS 250 1GB vs Radeon HD 5670 1 GB

Both cards are similarly priced and within my budget. I have mostly had ATI cards but wondering which card performs better? I found a website that lets you compare cards side by side but unfortunately i dont know what things to look for. Can somone help me make a choice between these two cards?
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  1. in terms of pure performance GTS250 is the clear winner but it doesn't have dx11 and it draws more power than HD5670. if you care about performance and have good power supply (450w, 12v rated at 24A) you can go for GTS250. if you interested in DX11 stuff maybe you can go for HD5670. but if you really after DX11 i think you should get at least HD5750 or HD5770
  2. Don't get the 5670. Even a 4770 beats its ass pretty soundly in terms of performance.,2533-6.html,2533-9.html,2533-8.html

    You'd be better off with the GTS 250 by far, but if you go to that price range, better still with a 5750 or 5770.

    Basically, there is not much of a use for a 5670 right now. It will help early dual-core machines with small power supplies stay alive for low-intensity gaming once DX11 becomes prevalent, but that's about it.

    But since that time is not now, you're much better off getting something else.
  3. In terms of gaming performance, GTS 250 will perform way better than 5670. You can't even justify its dx11 support for its lack of performance.
  4. So what it seems like everyone is saying the 577o is the clear winner out of all of them.
  5. as of today 2/23 you can get a 5670 for $75 and a 4770 is $100 on newegg. I would recommend the 4850 1GB that is on newegg right now. it is $90 ($100-$10MIR) it will kick the crap out of both cards.
  6. GTS 250 is a great card and runs smooth as glass >
    Just had to say it cuz I own one and it's like a really satisfies.
  7. Are you in the US?
    The HD5670 is usually a decent amount cheaper than the GTS 250.
    What is the native resolution of your monitor?
  8. Go for GTX 260 its only a bit costly, but will perform better than GTS 250, right now i have both GTS 250 and GTX 260. Besides GTS 250 is also a good choice, i can play games like far cry 2 at 30-32 fps at 1920 x 1080 resolution!
  9. If he is going to spend more the HD5770 is a better buy than the GTX 260.
  10. jyjjy said:
    If he is going to spend more the HD5770 is a better buy than the GTX 260.

    Thanks, I was going to ask that question... I decided to go for the HD 5770 as I figured it had true dx 11 support and a longer 'lifespan' of practical usability with upcoming games. I have an AMD phenom II 2.9 quad core and a 480watt PSU, my only question is whether I need to upgrade the memory from current 4 to 8Gigs..most benchmarks right now say no. Any thoughts?
  11. no and no, even 3gigabyte is enough, you can say the top end game uses about 1.8 gigabytes of ram (that if you play with everything els closed) so 4gigabyte should be more than enough, if you want better performance in games spend more on GPU or if you have a slow cpu get a better one, ram dosnt have that much effect on games as much as the gpu and cpu does.
  12. [Thanx for the comments. I may be a decent Psychiatrist, but a fair novice with computers in most respects!
  13. Yeah you don't need more ram. Your processor is good too. The HD5770 is a good choice and your PSU should handle it easily. It's a pretty good card for 1920x1080 and it should be great for resolutions below that.
  14. So what's the decision HD5670 or 430GT ???
    next month I want to buy it, and don't forget the temprature ?
    since 2005 I own many geForce VGA could I try ATI....? I so confuse :whistle:
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