Why cant I overclock past 4.2 (or 3.9?)

Hello everybody. I have an intel core i7 2600K and ASRock P67 Pro3 MB. And i decided that I would overclock.
Now im not a computer noob but im not the best with stuff in the bios. I already did a small overclock. Im just gonna list my problem.
For some reason the clock wont go past 42 (ALL CORE). I put 43 44.... it goes back down to 42.
I read somewhere that you have to disable intels turbo boost rechnology to get past 3.9ghz which makes sense
because i have an overcloking tool that i use only for moitoring and it shows that the CPU speed doesnt go past 3.88ghz.
Im gonna post all the setting i have in the bios and i hope some people could help me out. BTW im trying to overclock to 4.3-4.6 for FSX.

Intel hypre threading technlogy:ENABLED
Active proccesor cores:ALL
Enchanced halt state:DISABLED
CPU C3 state support:DISABLED
CPU C6 state support:DISABLED
Package C state support:DISABLED
CPU thermal throttling:DISABLED
No execute memory protection:ENABLED
intel virtualization protaection:ENABLED
harware prefetcher:ENABLED
adjacent cache line:ENABLED

All core:42 (Doesnt go past 42)
Host clock override (BCLK):100.00
Speed spectrum:AUTO
Intel speedstep technology:ENABLED
intel turbo boost:ENABLED (Unable to turn off, when i use the arrows to navigate it skips it, cant click either)
Additional turbo voltage:AUTO
Long duration power limit:AUTO
Long duration maintained:AUTO
Short duration power limit:AUTO
Pirmary plane current limit:AUTO
Secondary plane current limit:AUTO

DRAM Frequency: 1333

CPU core voltage:FIXED MODE
Fixed voltage:1.335V
CPU load line calibration:LEVEL 2
DRAM voltage:1.590V-AUTO
CPU PLL:1.709V-1.709V
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  1. Try this guide http://www.overclock.net/t/1198504/complete-overclocking-guide-sandy-bridge-ivy-bridge-asrock-edition

    I used the setting he recommends and am running 4.8 MHz at ~1.328 vcore

    Your motherboard BIOS should have preset overclock settings that would work too, but those suck and usually give way more voltage than necessary. You could try loading up one of the presets for 4.5 or whatever and just dropping the "Additional Turbo voltage" by a ton
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