New Build almost finished, advice on PSU and Fans

Hello everyone,

I got some fantastic advice from forum previously and finally, after waiting on Intels core i5 and ATIs new graphic cards, managed to buy 90% of my new computer. It will primarily be used for Photoshop and perhaps Video editing (hobby).

So far I have

Intel boxed i5 750

Corsair Dominator DDR3 4gb (2gb x2)

Asus P7P55D-E EVO motherboard

ATI Radeon HD5770 Graphics

Seagate 3.5 1tb 7200 S-ATA HDD (will get portable hard drive for back up)

HYUNDAI W241DG 24" PVA monitor

I have a few concerns with Fans and PSU. The i5 comes with a "thermal solution" which looks like a large fan, I guess no additional cooling is necessary?

The Corsair Dominator memory comes with a heatsink, not sure if anything else is needed.

I am basically not too sure what extra fans/ cooling I need for the build. I dont want to miss anything, I believe I only need another fan for inside the Case?

Regarding PSU, I heard that Corsair HX850 psu, Corsair HX750 psu or CORSAIR CMPSU-450VX 450W are good. I live in Japan and a little worried about mains voltage differences.

Case is not so important to me, something reliable is good. Was thinking of Obsidian 800D Case, Thermaltake element S, HAF 932/ 922, Antec 300/ 900 or CM 690 have all been kindly suggested. I guess there are not many differences with cases and all would be suitable with the P7P55D-E EVO motherboard?

Thanks again for your help, I hope to build the PC this weekend!!
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  1. If money is not a factor, the HAF 932 will offer the best stock case cooling solution. You won't need to buy additional does a great job.

    The stock heatsink on all of intel's processors is pretty junky. It will cool the cpu adequately when running at stock speeds, but any thoughts of overclocking justify the purchase of an aftermarket cooler. The coolermaster Hyper 212+ is the most recommended cooler currently for its value:
  2. For a single 5770 a 450VX will be plenty, dont worry about the voltage difference, it has active PFC which will let it work at 50 or 60Hz and at any line voltage between 90V and 264V so they now work in any country without you needing to worry about anything.

    For the case, pick one that you like the looks of, there isnt too much variation between the various ones you listed but keep space in mind when you look at them, the obsidian and the 932 are both full towers and both Massive.

    Your build looks pretty good but i would suggest dropping the dominators for something cheaper, maybe a set of gskills ripjaws, in the states atleast you can get a set of ripjaws with tighter timings for less than the dominators, the dominators make you pay for the brand name.
  3. Wow, that was a fast reply, thanks Foolycooly!!

    A quick check on Amazon and I found these 2 versions of the cooler

    Hyper 212 Plus CPU (RR-B10-212P-GP)
    Hyper 212 Plus (RR-B10-212P-G1)

    Are you aware of any difference in model?

    Do you recommend the Corsair DOMINATOR Airflow Fan (CMXAF2) in addition?

    As for case the HAF 932 is actually a little more than I would like to spend, if you believe it is far superior to the lower priced models (eg HAF922 or CF 690) I will def consider it. Have you heard anything about Thermaltake element S?

    Regarding PSU, would the Corsair TX 650 W ATX JP Version CMPSU-650TXJP be recommended? I heard at least the 450 is needed and the HX850 psu, HX750 are pretty pricey (again, I dont want to cut corners but I am not looking for state of the art performance)

    Thanks for your help!!!!

  4. as hunter said, cases are largely an aesthetic preference. All of your models will cool quite well. I own the 690 and love it. I also have heard a lot of good things about the 922...pick which one looks the best to you.

    Also, as hunter said, have you already purchased the dominators? They're a bit overpriced (although they are an excellent set of RAM). If you have purchased them, then no, you don't need to buy the additional fan.
  5. Thanks hunter315, missed your repl) as I was typing:)

    I actually already bought the dominators, as they came recommended as the best for an i5. They were pretty expensive but I hope they are worth it, speed is something I do value in the computer. I was going to go for 8gb memory but noticed, from tests, that the difference in Photoshop etc was not so big (between 4gb and 8gb). I also checked and couldnt find Ripjaws available on Japanese websites, they had some g skill memory but price difference was only about 20 dollars.

    "For a single 5770 a 450VX will be plenty"

    Sounds great! Just what I wanted to hear, I may go to 650 just to be safe but not higher!

    "the obsidian and the 932 are both full towers and both Massive. "

    Thanks, I guess I dont need something so huge, any recommendations for a smaller reliable case?

    Appreciate the advice, I am a little lost at the moment!
  6. Thanks again Foolycooly!

    I bought the Dominators already. They are widely available in Japan and the pricing is not so different. In Tokyo if you shop around on the internet you can get things a lot cheaper, also they have some weird pricing, maybe depends on how easy the products are to get.

    "I own the 690 and love it"

    I think this will be the one for me, thanks! I have spent about $1200 already and looking to wrap things up!

    I am right in assuming I only need

    Hyper 212 Plus fan
    PSU 450 or 650
    CF 690 case
    DVD burner
    Keyboard and Mouse

    And I am ready to go!?

    Appreciate the help guys, I know very little about computers and always appreciate the advice. Websites can be misleading and I am terrified of compatibility issues or forgetting something important!!
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