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Hey, I cant seem to find an overclocking guide for the Stock clock gtx 660 ti i bought, so I was wondering if anyone can give me any sound advice. I've been reading about maximum OC on the superclocked and ftw versions of 50mhz-79mhz. I am also concerned about upping the voltage too much and frying my card...been messing around with my old gts 450 and never had a problem with this.
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  1. in my opinion bad start with 660ti... but that's just me.

    benchmarks on 7870 radeon are a bit higher and new drivers push it the radeon cards over top, not to mention that generally it's bit easier to OC radeon

    use this;

  2. I was an ati/amd fanboy for entire life; however, my recent build I used a evga gtx 660 2GB SC (non ti)

    I was able to push the memory to an effective 7Ghz and the gpu up to 1Ghz. I also owned a 7870. 7870 sucked compared to the gtx 660 in planetside 2.

    So don't listen to the guy above me... GTX 660 2GB is on par with the 7870. AND don't let anyone throw but the 7870 is blah blah bits and your ti's memory is only 192 bits. 6Ghz+ mem speed crushes the 7870's 512bit mem. Not to mention the evga 660's fan is ALOT quite than the 7870's.
  3. 7870 is only 256bits btw ;)

    you cant say that 7870 has poor fans, if you go with a value brand gpu then sure why not. I've noticed the radeon to be able to handle the load better than nvidia. OFC maybe in one game there are differences in performance but that doesnt mean that everyone plays planetside 2 all their life. Compare to other games its not the same story all the time, facts cant be based on that.
  4. Doesn't really matter. GTX 660 ti crushes the 7870. btw the 7870 I had was the MSI twin foirz or whatever the spelling is. Your point in fps depending on which game is mute. Who cares about +- 5fps with a GTX 660 vs a 7870? He has the ti!
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