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hi. i notice my restore points are gone. so i created one then after two hours its gone too! so i checked the System Restore sitting and there wasn't anything about automatically deletion. all there was is managing the capacity of each drive for the program. i tried installing System Restore from a CD but that didn't help. so what makes it delete every point? and how to make it run normally again?
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  1. Make sure the system restore setting is set to use some disk space. I think the default is 10% of the drive. next, make sure that drive isn't getting full. Data has priority over system restore points, so as the drive fills up, restore points are deleted.

    Check your event viewer to see if the were deleted due to space. I think they are listed with a title of VOLSNAP.
  2. thanks for reply. its already set to 12% on each drive. there is plenty of free space.
    C:\ 70% free, D:\ 34% and E:\ is 35%. there weren't any deletion due to lack of free space.
  3. Wow, that's odd. I found this site that has a checklist.

    The last one has me curious as i didn't know that could make a difference.

    If you find that your system restore points are being deleted on every reboot, maybe your page File is highly fragmented. You may try to defrag your Page File or disable, delete and then recreate the paging file.
  4. thanks for your concern. i did defragment the page file using pagedfrg.exe but that didn't help solving the problem. i think i may have to install windows allover again if there isn't any other way.
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