AMD 8120 overclocking question

I have an AMD 8120 cpu that i have overclocked to 4.0Ghz. I wanted to make sure my voltages are right they are currently set at 1.4v and the system has been stable for almost a day now but it never hurts to get more info.
Thanks in advance.

System specs-
AMD 8120
2 560ti in SLI
16GB Gskill Ripjaw ddr 3 1600
Antec DF 85
Hyper 212 EVO
DF 85 Case
750 Watt psu.
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  1. Voltage is good.

    Make sure your max-load temps stay under 60C.
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    You should be able to hit 4GHz with just a 20x multiplier on that CPU without the need for any voltage overclock at all. I have been running my FX-8120 at 4GHz for almost a year that way with no problems. Have not adjusted the voltage at all. I am running on a water cooling kit but my temps are 29c idle and around 35c full load.
  3. "Push it to the limit"
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