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First off, I hope that this is posted in the correct forum. I have an Asus P4G533-LA board that came from a Compaq S5300NX and I was wondering if there are any ways that I can open up some of the options that Compaq/HP took out of the BIOS. I have done a lot of reading and have found programs to help with changing FSB and some of the options (mainly TweakBIOS, which did not recognize my machine's chipset, so it couldn't really edit much at all). I can change the FSB with CPUFSB/CpuCool, but that is about the only thing that I can change. I would basically like a stock type bios that has more options and things to tinker with--not the super-closed Compaq bios that is there now. I don't do much soldering, so I can't just simply change a BIOS chip myself since the chip is a soldered PLCC type chip, but there is no socket.
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  1. I don't recommend it. I have used compaq systems, and the windows operating system reads the bios chip while posting. Unless you have a new copy of windows or have upgraded recently, be prepared to spend additional money for a new operating system. These bios programs were designed to be difficult to change so owners wouldn't get into trouble tweaking a setting that would cause the system not to post. If you want to play with your bios settings, build your own next time.
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