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Hi all!

I am running an XFX Radeon 4890 graphics card. The card seems to work fine, but when the computer starts cold, ie. from sleep or turning it on first thing in the morning, the fan revs up very noisily. I mean, this thing sounds like a speedboat! After running for one or two minutes, the fan quiets down. My question is should I be concerned with this or is this nothing to worry about? Like I said, the card seems to work fine otherwise.

On a related note, the GPU temperature spikes at about 77-80 degrees celcius during WoW sessions. Is that a normal temperature or is my noisy fan not doing its job?

Thanks a ton!


Edit: Corrected typo on card model.
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  1. Its normal for the fan to rev up at start up. My 5850 does it and like your 4870 the fan speed quickly reduces. Also your temps are OK.

    I wouldnt let it go above 90C, I take it your using auto fan speed?
  2. Yeah, I am using auto fan speed. I was just curious if the noise was alright. Like I said, it sounds like a boat :)

    Glad to hear it's all good though! Thanks for the reply!
  3. No problem
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