Intel core i7 930

so i have decided to get a 1366 motherboard. and am in the process of shopping for an i7 processor since the i5 models doesn't go with the 1366 board.

here are one i am looking at:

Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB L3 Cache LGA
1366 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor - $289.99

now. i found an Intel core i7 930 at microcenter, however the price is dramatically different.

Core i7-930 Processor Boxed - $199.99

i checked the specs. and they both seem the same. except at newegg it specifies that it's a bloomfield... however, it does not say what the core is at microcenter.. now i know for the i5 processor, there's different names such as lynnfield, clarkfield... and these prices differ... so i'm just wondering if these two listed products are really one and the same.... what are these different names? do they mean anything?

'cuz if they're the same, the i7 i found at microcenter is a really really good deal.
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  1. I'm not completely sure why the price of the one is so much less...One thing I did notice was that at Micro Center, they only offer in store pick up. Newegg ships it to you.

    As for being the same product, yes, if they are both i7-930 they are the same product.

    (I don't know anything about Micro Center or their reputation, Newegg has very good reputation). I think if you would like to pick it up in the store from Micro Center and you feel comfortable with purchasing from a less known supplier, I would say go ahead.

    By the way, welcome to the Tom's Hardware!
  2. oh i'm not worried about microcenter's reputation. it's a biiiiiiig computer store that's has storefronts all over the united states; there's one not too far from me, so pick up is not a problem for me.

    my question is regarding the name of the core though. for example. if you do a serach in newegg, for all of their i5, i7 intel processor, they all have a core name; some are lynnfield, some bloomfield, some re called clakrfield. and their prices varies, even if they are the same product. take a look at newegg.

    that's what's confusing me.
  3. The Bloomfield etc. are just codenames. Core i7 900s are codenamed Bloomfield, and differ from Core i7 800s called Lynnfield as Core i7 900s have a lower Turbo Boost, support triple channel memory and use the X58 chipset. Core i7 800s and Core i5 700s (750) are codenamed Lynnfield and use socket LGA 1156, and currently there are five different chipsets available for that socket. Clarkdale is 32nm Core i5 600s and Core i3.
  4. ah... sweet!! then i found an amazing price then :)

    a 90 dollars difference. WOW :D haha thanks!!
  5. i7 930 costs $212 after tax in my local Microcenter. They sell it for low prices because they want you to buy other parts too. They lose money on every CPU they sell.
  6. Bluescreendeath said:
    i7 930 costs $212 after tax in my local Microcenter. They sell it for low prices because they want you to buy other parts too. They lose money on every CPU they sell.

    $207 at mine, they make up for any losses though.
    I had no intentions of buying a new computer , went in to grab one of the daily deals , a Gigabyte case for $25, walked out with a 930 / Asus P6X58D / 6 gigs and all of the parts for a cpu loop.
    I'm in trouble.
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