My graphics card is overheating

I think it is my Graphics Card overheating, All my laptop will go laggy and Its really bad for Youtube and other videos any suggestions?
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  1. Well do you know any programs to find out Temps? I tried this ATIT or something like that and it didn't pick the heats up?
  2. Realtemp
  3. Ok thanks i will download and check then report back.
  4. Core #0 is 72
    Core #01 is 71

    Is that around normal?
    Also my CPU is around 80% alot is that bad/good?

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Is this laptop sitting on a hard, flat surface? If its sitting on your bed or your lap, it will get poor airflow. 80% consistent CPU usage is not good. The system idle process should hover around 90%+ when nothing is running. Go to Start --> Run --> Type MSCONFIG. Go to the Startup Tab. Do you have a lot of stuff checked? These are programs running in your background and consuming system resources. Go threw this list and disable anything that does not need to run upon startup. Also, have you ran an up-to-date spyware/virus scan lately?

    If all of these check out fine, invest in a laptop cooling pad like this:

    I use this one with my Dell XPS m1530. But there are other/cheaper pads available besides this one. Good luck.
  6. Sorry i forgot to say i have a Laptop cooling Pad it is a Askasa but i still have this problem?
  7. Have you tried cleaning out your CPU air vents? If you are using your laptop and it will work fine for a little bit then it becomes slow, it sounds like your CPU is throttling back so it can cool down. Since the laptop cooling pad doesn't work very well, it likely your laptop might need to be cleaned.
  8. Ok i will try cleaning my Laptop thanks for the advice.
  9. I have the opposite problem of you, my gtx260 fails to pass 65C on 40% fan(palit gtx260 sonic)
    If you dust things out, it will do wonders, if the warranty is out, go buy coffee filters and some thermal paste eg: ocz freeze,acrtic cooling mx2, tuniq tx-3. Stay away from ac5, it takes long to cure and if you put too much, it can lead to problems near your graphics card chip.
  10. try setting your cooling fan on an Aluminum or steel cooking sheet with holes drilled or cut into it where the cooling plate fans are. slice a vent hole on one of the sides of the pan. file or sand out any burrs or sharp edges. the pan will allow better airflow room and will disperse any residual heat like a heat-sink would. Also do what everyone else says and try cleaning it out. Do not take it apart unless you know what your doing. Laptops are tricky and have lots of screws. Get a can of Dust Off compressed air and try that first. Check out a website on how to clean your laptop's heat-sinks.
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