What am I doing wrong?

I had this built for about a month, its my first gaming PC.

I have this fan on top that has been giving me problems. Sometimes, it turns on when it wants to, sometimes, it doesnt turn on at all.

I checked the power connection to the motherboard, and reseated that. Turned on the PC, the fan began spinning again.

Tried again this morning and its back to the way it was.

it is a 140mm that is connected in conjunction with a front 120mm fan in the same molex, which is connected to the power supply.

When i turn on the PC, I see fan move slightly, but it never makes a full spin and it just doesn't run. The front fan is working perfectly.

Is there something I am doing wrong?????
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  1. did you try running each fan individually off the same molex ? did they both work separately ? did you try a different molex connector ? is the PS a piece of junk ? have you tried another fan........ any size fan and try and run them together off the same molex ?
  2. It's probably a defective fan but here are some troubleshooting steps. Disconnect the front fan and see if the top fan starts consistently. You can also try to move the blades once the PC is on. Fans require more power to start and a little nudge might help.
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    Sounds like it's dying. Fan's die a slow death. Typically they start to barley spin, if there are LED's, they will fail to light up progressively or collectively dim. You might even smell an odd smell from it.

    Just get a new one to replace it. They're typically between $3-$10.
  4. OK.

    Tried running it by itself on the molex, nothing.

    Tried running it with a different connector, nothing.

    Here is the case with fans, top is the one giving problems:

    and here is PSU

    I may just have to purchase the fans.
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