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I am buying a Phenom II x6 1055t 2.8 GHz CPU and I want to know if my current video card will work on one of the CPU's supported boards. I am looking at the specs on the chipset 890fx mobo and I can't figure out whether the 8300 GS nVidia card will be supported. Can someone tell me how to know if a video card is supported or not on a mobo?
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  1. It's more a MOBO issue and not a CPU issue if you 8300 GS will work which I am certain it will; although kinda big mismatch. I believe the 8300 GS is a PCIe v 1.0 {or 1.0a}, and any MOBO supporting Phenom II x6 will have a PCIe 2 which is backwards compatible.
  2. I am familiar with the 2.0 PCIe, but what do you mean by backwards compatible? Do you just mean that it isn't a very fast card for the workload that the cpu puts out? How does the mismatch affect performance exactly, if it does? Sorry I'm not very knowledgeable.
  3. Sorry, the Phenom II x6 is a 6-core processor a high-powered CPU and the nVidia 8300 GS is 3-4 year old under-powered GPU incapable of doing much beyond 2-D and even HD. The "mismatch" analogy is placing a Porsche engine {CPU} in Ford Fiesta {GPU}. The CPU won't help the GPU.

    Now if you're doing huge database computation - no problem - the CPU is a great choice. However, if you run games the improvement will be negligible with nVidia 8300 GS.
  4. What Jaquith is trying to eloquently infer is that your cpu is much newer than your gpu, as long as your gfx card is pcie you should be fine although with an 890 chipset you really should be looking at getting a more modern card as well
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