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I'm currently using my 36 in LCD Hdtv for my monitor. I'm driving it with an HD5850, however, my tv doesn't possess an hdmi port just component inputs and a vga. I have t hooked up through the D-sub adapter from my vid card to the vga on the monitor/tv. I therefore, because of this I can only run things at it's max resolution which isn't very high - 1280x1050 with a refrersh rate of 60hz which is the max i'm capable of running my display at. I have my graphics card settings at very high settings in CCC e.g., 8x AA(box), and 16X AF etc... but regardless i thnk this still doesn't correct for the resolution degradation considering the very low max resoultion with this size screen. I was thinking about buying another monitor for my setup that would be better than my current configuration, and was thinking about buying the HannsG 28' monitor. I'm curious if anybody knows, if this would make image quality dramatically better or would the image quality gain not be significant enough.. for anybody who may know. Thanks. I'm pretty sure running at 1920x1080 would be pretty noticable over 1280x1050, but just thought I'd ask. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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  1. Yes, a 1920x1080 monitor will be much more sutible for your 5850. The image should be sharper but you will mostly be able to see more, +300 pixles left and right that you could not see before, without rotating left and right. Though with a bigger monitor you will need to lower your AA and AF settings sooner than with your smaller tv.
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    How far are you going to sit from this monitor ? If at normal computer usage distances of say 18-24 inches, you'll want the smallest 1920 x 1200 resolution practical. A 22" at this resolution is going to be a lot sharper than a 28" at the same resolution. At about 96 pixels per inch, the human eye can discern individual pixels....below 90, it starts to get ugly.

    1920 x 1200
    A 23" monitor has 98.4 ppi
    A 24" monitor has 94 ppi
    A 25" monitor has 90.6 ppi
    A 27" monitor has 83.8 ppi

    1920 x 1080
    A 28" monitor has 78.6 ppi

    At 80, you will easily be able to see each individual pixel and the borders around it.

    For games and multimedia, a $275 TN panel would suffice such as the Asus 1920 x 1200 screens is a good fit.

    For real "image quality" with correct face tones and such as is needed for photo editing, you will want an IPS monitor.....the entry point here is about $550 starting with the Dell U2410.
  3. Really appreciate the replies. Thanks so much. Never considered the distance I'd be sitting away from the monitor. At the moment i'm sitting a good distance away, but that Asus monitor you recommended looks really nice. I may just spend the few extra bucks and get that .. its just that i found the Haans G used but in very good condition for about $180, but i think it will probably be worth it to go for the few inches smaller Asus that you recommended.. Thanks so much.
  4. asus's new led monitors will offer the sharpest image available in a monitor and it runs at 1920x1080 it's a 23"with a contrast ratio of 10000000:1 (no thats not a typo) they cost 199 not a bad deal

    they are out of stock at newegg
    EDIT: they were out of stock when I posted but are in now

    unless you want an open box one
  5. I've sort of narrowed it down to 3 monitors.

    I'm really leaning towards a larger size.. I'm kinda used to the large screen and just think it would bother me to go back to a smaller size even though the quality will be magnitudes better.

    I'm sort of leaning towards the Samsung because it has an Hdtv tuner which is nice because i can get rid of the current tv and just use the cpu monitor. It doesn't have the webcam that the vk266hd does but i have one on my laptop so i don't reallhy think i'd miss that little feature.. The only thing that is giving me pause is the 5ms GTG compared to the 2ms GTG the two Asus monitors have. Reviews say that the don't people don't notice any ghosting on the T260 but who knows.

    I just want to make a decent choice I will not too much regret.
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