Inter cpu ucode loading error coms checksum bad usb drive error

how do you clear cmos? ASUS P5LD2, running Windows XP Home, Intel dual core E2200 LGA775.My PC keeps re-starting, and the error message is "intel CPU uCode loading error" "Lan Cable not ready". I've checked all my cables, and they are all fine. Also, right after the indows Logo screen, I get a flash of blue flashes to fast to read though. I have tried booting from recovery disc, repairing with the OS disc...but nothing works. This is driving me crazy. The only thing I noticed before restart was a message saying hat some hardware failed to instal properly, buti haven't added any hardware lately!
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  1. You may have a faulty motherboard, the error message "intel CPU uCode loading error" means that the CPU is not being recognized as a type that is supported by the motherboard and as it was recognized in the past is strange.
    Resetting the BIOS is a good idea. To reset the BIOS it is very important that you disconnect the power from the mains and wait for two minutes before moving the clear CMOS jumper (bottom left hand corner looking from the back of the computer) marked CLRTC to the clear position pins 2-3 for a few seconds and then refitting in the original position pins 1-2. Then apply power and enter the BIOS.
    If this does not work then I would try updating the BIOS with the latest version from the motherboard manufacture web site.
    If it still doesn’t work then try another power supply.
    If it still doesn’t work then the motherboard is probably faulty. :(
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